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27 Aug 2007
Import in TD SQL Assistant

Hi All,I have exported a table to a file using the export facility of SQL Assistant.The export was successful and the file was created.Please help me to import the file.Thanks.

davidpracy 22 posts Joined 09/05
27 Aug 2007

Insert into tablename values (?,?, etc) where each ? correlates with a field in you target table. Run the query and you will be prompted for the file that you wish to load.Hope this helpsDavidPracy

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
30 Aug 2007

I believe you will have to remove the column header information from the file that you intend to load. Thanks,Vinay Bagare

30 Aug 2007

Thanks David/Vinay,Indeed the columns headers needs to removed from the file other wise it leeds to unexpected results.Instead while exporting if the column headers are not included then the import would be easy.Can u please tell me some thing about ?b and ?c used while importing?Thanks

mjaner 1 post Joined 01/09
19 Jan 2009

I was doing Import In sql Assistant and receivedCode = 5. A data value on record 1 is too long for the parameter buffer. Increasing the buffer size on the Export Options may help.Any idea?

Strongman 1 post Joined 09/09
30 Sep 2009

Increase your SQL Assistant import buffer size to fit with the size of your data field : access SQL Assistant menu/options/importexport/import/buffersize

Hope it helps,


kiran_terydata 13 posts Joined 09/09
20 Oct 2009

Can We load only specific columns using SQL AssistanceIf so please send me the process.Thankskiran

alandool 4 posts Joined 10/09
23 Oct 2009

Starting at page 42 -- in the Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows User Guide -- talks about importing. (do a web search to find the doc). I think your answer is there.Alan

amik_xyz 3 posts Joined 03/11
05 Oct 2012

Continuing to the above query made by Nitish, I am working on TD SQL assistant version 13.
In this i could not find any option for IMPORTING file from desktop and loading its data into TD tables.
in TD 12 it was there. I checked in the manual also , but it has mentioned about the TD 12 , way.
Can any one tell me how to achieve this in TD 13 queryman.

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