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rajivgupta1107 14 posts Joined 12/09
07 Dec 2009
Data modelling for Teradata

Hi,We need to design a data model for DWH with underlying database as Teradata. Prior to teradata we had MySQL and we used 'Enterprise Architect' data modelling tool.But EA does not support for teradata. Please suggest some tool(freeware) for Teradata data modelling.Regards,

rajivgupta1107 14 posts Joined 12/09
07 Dec 2009

kindly update!!!

ShaunG 2 posts Joined 05/11
29 May 2011

You may find that most of the applications out there which are freeware will only support the common databases out there which are also available for free or for limited cost.
Teradata will likely not be available in freeware data modelling software.
The software I have used in the past which I know supports Teradata are:
IBM Data Architect
You may want to have a look at the following website which gives a number of data modelling software options (mixed amongst UML and other modelling tools). There may be a software package listed that can give you what you want.

Shaun Goodman
InfoReady, Australia

VandeBergB 181 posts Joined 09/06
29 May 2011

The best modeling tools for Teradata that I've seen are the Embarcadero tool and ErWin. Depending upon what you're trying to do, I'd take a good strong look at Wherescape Red as well. Though not a typical data modeling tool, its an excellent data warehouse building tool. always...just my two cents...

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anil1983 1 post Joined 10/11
25 Oct 2011

Hi All,


I am new to the Data Modelling, I have a table X1 which has 2-Primary Keys X1 and X2. Well in table we should not have an 2PI. I would like to make X2 as a Secondary  Index.

Can any one let me know please. Here is what I did I right click on Column Properties --- Index Properties and Unchecked the X2. Then X2 has changed FK then that will act as Secondary Index?

Please, let me know if I am wrong.






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