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Installing Teradata Administrator Topic by MeenakshiM 1 day ago teradata administrator, install

Can anyone please provide some pointers for downloading and installing Teradata Administrator in my system. 

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OMD API error Topic by goldminer 05 Sep 2014

We recently upgraded our TTU client on a Windows Data Services server from 14.00 to 14.10.  The TPT programs are patched to 
The server is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP1 64-bit
The first TPTLoad tests produced the following warning:
         TPT_INFRA: TPT04190: Warning: OMD API failed to initialize
The entire out file consists of:

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TPT - Timestamp format error 6760 Topic by JaimeHolland 4 days ago

I have a simple load step

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Please Help -Error: (UPDATE_OPERATOR: TPT10322: Error -1 while trying to initialize CLI) Topic by GNS 1 week ago TPT 15.00, linux

I am installing TPT 15.00 in a linux server that has Informatica on it.
I have set the environment variables and now I am getting the error below when I run my workflows
Message Code: TPTWR_10322

[ERROR] Type:(Teradata PT API Error), Error: (UPDATE_OPERATOR: TPT10322: Error -1 while trying to initialize CLI)



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TTU for Mac OS Topic by Badri_V23 07 May 2015 #TTU, #Mac, #BTEQ

Hi, Can you please tell me if TTU is available for MAC ? My requirement is to run BTEQ from 
Thanks in advance for your help.

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File Writer operator writing out 0 for decimal columns with precision greater than 18. Topic by toadrw 08 Jul 2015 export operator, maxdecimaldigits, teradata parallel transporter issue

When exporting data to a flat file we seeing that decimals with over 18 precision are being returned as zero.  MaxDecimalDigits is set to 38 so is there something else we are doing incorrectly here?
Columns 1, 3 and 5 are being exported as zero. So the first column 2687.350 ends up in the flat file as 0.  
Using Teradata 15 and TPT 15.

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Oracle Decimal to Teradata integer in TPT script Topic by mitchea5 1 week ago Teradata TPT, oracle, numeric, integer, decimal

I am writing a PT script which loads from an oracle source to Teradata.
PROBLEM_COL in Oracle is defined as DECIMAL(10,0). In Teradata PROBLEM_COL is defined as Integer.
The load fails, and all rows are inserted into the error table.
Reviewing the logs I believe I see the problem:
Column Name              Offset   Length Type         

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TPT 15.00 For Linux and Informatica ETL Topic by GNS 1 week ago

I have installed on linux server the following :
a. Teradata GSS Client (teragss)
b. Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata (tdicu)
c. Teradata Call-Level Interface version 2 (cliv2)
d. Teradata Data Connector API (piom)
e. tptbase1500__linux_indep.
f. tptstream1500__linux_indep.

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TPT - MULTIPLE OUTPUT FILES DINAMICALLY ? Topic by lcarmonm 1 week ago tpt, multiple, filelist

Hi all,  this is my first time here, and I hope anyone could help me.
I need to know if it is possible to create multiple output files by using TPT, but every  output file name  must be created based on the value of a table field.
 I have a table with hundred millions rows, and two files: Filename and Type.
Its content:
FileName      Type

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Viewpoint: Not able to access VP Portal via Google Chrome Topic by HarshaKudumula 1 week ago

Hi ,
One of my user getting an error "Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key" when he is trying to access viewpoint Portal via Google Chrome, even after he tried the following options
1) Cleared the cache and rechecked
2) Alternate way to fix the issue
Step 1 : Place the “Google Chrome” icon on the desktop.

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TPT Template operators with LDAP authentication Topic by tdforumuser 26 Dec 2013 tpt, ldap, database connectivity, Operator Templates, templates, tbuild

I have coded a simple TPT script using operator templates ($EXPORT, $INSERT and $LOAD) to copy data of Table A from TDSERVER-A to TDSERVER-B. TDSERVER-A and TDSERVER-B use LDAP based authentication. TPT (TBUILD) raises errors when I run the script either by initializing LogonMech, UserName, UserPassword variables for Source/Target operators in JobVars file  or when I run the script by overridin

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TPT Load Operator Error: CLI Error 302: CLI2: BADBUFRQ(302): Invalid buffer size Topic by yottadata 2 weeks ago tpt, Load Operator, Invalid Buffer Size

Running Teradata Parallel Transporter :  Load Operator and ODBC Operator Version
I'm attempting to load several tables from an Oracle Database with ODBC and Load Operators (Streaming data with "Job is running in Buffer Mode").
Several tables work great without specifying a BufferSize for the Load Operator:

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how to establish a connection in bteq Topic by pop 1 week ago

Hi All,
   iam new to teradata .i am practising sql queries in td 12 sql assistance.
i didnt create any database and user.using tduser  i writing the queries and executing my queries.
but now i want to create a file using bteq.
how to establish a connection. when open bteq .ito enters asking me to enter your logon or bteq command.
so when i gave .logon tduser

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Teradata BTEQ Shell script is filed with error: " bteq: fatal: open failed: ". Topic by Gnana Reddy 1 week ago

Dear Experts,
I have a shell script which has BTEQ code is running successfully from UNIX prompt. The same shell script when we scheduled and executed from CRONTAB scheduler is getting failed with the below error.
ERROR: bteq: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory
/home/test/ line 6: 23709 Killed

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BTEQ DELETE STATEMENT Successfull - nothing deleted in table Topic by Pauly 1 week ago bteq, delete

Quite new to BTEQ - but 5 years experience in SQL assistant.
Question is if there are default restrictions to "write" from BTEQ into a DB-table.
Now, in BTEQ I'm succesfull to logon and run the SQL...

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High ImpactcPU Topic by Tnewbee 1 week ago
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TPT 15.10 ODBC Operator : Bundled DataDirect Drivers ! Topic by yottadata 1 week ago DataDirect TPT ODBC Operator

Just so everyone knows:
A topic that has come up several times with the TPT ODBC Operator is that some of us (including me - dev only!) have used the non-supported ODBC drivers.  

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bteq Topic by siva3699 19 May 2015

hi anyone there for online training on teradata performance tuning

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AM/PM in TIMESTAMP Topic by varun2102 07 Jan 2008

Hi,I am trying to load mainframe data into a teradata table. I want to load a timestamp field in TD (Say, Birth_date) with a 12 hour time in the following way:selcast( TRIM(CAST(SUBSTR('20041212143245',1,8) AS DATE FORMAT 'YYYYMMDD')) || -- ' ' || TRIM(CAST(SUBSTR('20041212143245',9,2) AS INTEGER)-12) || -- ':' || TRIM(SUBSTR('20041212143245',11,2)) || --':' || TRIM(SUBSTR('20041212143245',13,2))as timestamp format 'yyyymmddhhmiss') || ' PM'will this be accepted? considering there is a PM in there? If not, then cant TIMESTAMP in Teradata not have time in the 12 hour format at all (including the AM or PM) ???

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CLI Error 527: CLI2: ICULOADLIBERR(527): Error loadi ng ICU libraries Topic by JemmyRW 2 weeks ago

When I tried to loading data to Teradata Database, the error is appear :
e:\tdbasic\script>tlogview -l "E:\TTU\Teradata\client\15.00\Teradata Parallel Tr
TPT_INFRA: TPT04101: Warning: Teradata PT cannot connect to Unity EcoSysetm Mana

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Hyperlink in SQL Assistant Answerset Grid? Topic by KeithJones 2 weeks ago sql assistant, hyperlink

You know how SQL Assistant will display a hyperlink in the answerset grid for BLOBs and CLOBs?  Is there any way to do that yourself?  I have file locations stored in a table in a VARCHAR column like "\\servername\foldername\MyFileName.txt".  Any way to get SQL Assistant to display it as a hyperlink instead of text so that th

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TPT - Casting VARCHAR to TIMESTAMP issue Topic by avaradharaju 2 weeks ago

I have a flat file with sample record as shown below:
181606517|2015-09-17  20:00:53.438000|143112ac-55fb1bf2-b7f1-e|2|181606419|||||86871523|||143112ac-55fb1bf2-171|0|N||N|N|N|MANUAL
I have created the target table with column for date as timestamp. When I try to insert the record into the target table after casting:

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Number of Utility Load Slots Topic by JerryLusa 12 Jan 2015

Some utility load slot questions...
1.  Are there any guidelines for the number of utility load slots a Teradata system can have?  Is there a limit?  How is it determined.
2.  How do we configure Teradata to have more or less load slots? 
3.  Exactly what is a utility load slot?  For example, is it a dedicated AWT?

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Logon Error (BTEQ) Topic by Tera9999 2 weeks ago

This is driving me crazy.  I can run scripts in bteq's interactive mode, but I cannot get it to work with the command line.
Here is my very simple script that exists at this path:

bteq << !

.logon, dbc

select top 2 * from dbc.users;




To execute this, I run the following: 


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