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Load data from Oracle to Teradata with correct character set Topic by paulogil 22 hours ago

Hello guys, I am new here in this forum and I would appreciate your help.


I had a problem to load some data from an Oracle database to Teradata using Data Direct tool. All data were loaded correctly to target, but some special brazilian characters (like "Ç") came to Teradata as a "?" character.


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ODBCOperator: TPT17187: Failed to obtain shared memory segment for for column data buffer, due to error 48. Topic by toadrw 3 hours ago TPT17187, Failed to obtain shared memory segment

This error occurs when using the Progress DataDirect 64-bit SQL Server ODBC drivers and moving data via TPT.  We have contacted Progress DataDirect and they have investigated this issue and their reponse was this was a Teradata issue.  I've asked them to contact you as they may be partners (not sure) so you may be also receiving and official request from them. :/

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Where is the teradata datebase in the Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) 15.00 for windows? Topic by javiermolinacosta 4 hours ago

Good afternoon,
Does anybody know where is the teradata datebase in the Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) 15.00 package instalation for windows? Is there any chance to load a teradata demo database in order to start running queries?

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TPT Loading Topic by Vinay151 2 days ago

    I'm trying to load data from External delimitted file using TPT. One of my columns in the  delimitted file contains the as '24FEB2015'(DDMONYYYY) format. I need to insert this value into Date column, but which is not possible. Please help me on this.

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BTEQ field separator. Topic by Vinay151 1 week ago


In my BTEQ statement, I'm selecting two columns of a table and using this statement .SET SEPARATOR "|" and I'm exporting the output to local file. When I check that file only one column is present. Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance,

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TPT - source data enclosed with double quotes and delimited by pipe (|) Topic by atulgupta01 1 month ago tpt, tbuild, data enclosed with quote

I am new to Teradata. I am trying to load the data from csv file to Teradata 13.0 on VMWARE using TPT, where in columns are enclosed with double quotes (") and delimited with pipe ( | ).



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SQL Assistant 15.0 - make row headers selection permanent Topic by FrankCali 1 week ago sqla row headers

Is there a way to make the 'Row Headers' setting permanent and applicable to all answer sets in SQL Assistant v15?

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TPT script to load data with embedded qualifiers Topic by TDArpit 01 Oct 2014 tpt, qualifier, error

We are trying to load a pipe delimited flat with qulaifiers as " utlizing the TPT script but our loads seems to be failing since there is a embedded " in certain fields. Its just sending the error record to a error file and failing after that. Do we have some option or add on in the TPT script to load this data as is.

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Fileds shifted in the database using TPT Topic by Anonyme 2 weeks ago

Hello everybody,
I have a huge problem loading data from a flat file to Teradata DB.
What happen is that the data loads correctely in the DB except some rows which their fields contain a string with the letter "é" i tried to switch the "é" to the letter "e" and it works fine.
Please could anyone tells me how to solve this problem. Its realy urgent.
Thank you.

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Arcmain Estimates Topic by Harpreet Singh 1 month ago arcmain

Can we estimate time used for arcmain data copy/restore using linear scale from sample data? i.e. 5 gb is copied in 5 minutes then 1 tb in 1000 minutes.

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Issue with TPT named pipes on windows Topic by JW126227 2 weeks ago tpt named pipes

hi all,
I am having a problem getting the named pipes TPT to complete. It appears to take several checkpoints and runs for a while (i am trying to copy apprx 18M rows). It appears to be hanging and the target table is 'being loaded' when I try to get a row count. Any ideas are welcomed....

C:\Windows\System32>tlogview -j Contact_Email_Ct_pipe_20150216_111826-12879

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Arcmain15 unable to read archive from TD14 Topic by JF210009 3 weeks ago Arcmain Teradata 15 empty file

I have two Teradata Express VMs side by side...
   The 1st  is Release: TD14.00.00.02 Ver TD14.00.00.14
   The 2nd is Release: TD15.00.01.01 Ver TD15.00.01.01
... and I want to move the a set of databases from v14 to v15. 
Just as in the past I planned to use arcmain to move the databases.  Here's an extract from the scripts:



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SQL Assistant Feature Request Location Topic by reosoft 2 weeks ago sql assistant, request

If I wanted to suggest some new features for SQL Assistant, where would one go?

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td-ttu-15.00_for_Windows correctly installed but now how do i create a database Topic by javiermolinacosta 2 weeks ago

td-ttu-15.00_for_Windows correctly installed but now,  how do i create a database? If i tried to reach to my office teradata server it fails i guess that would be some kind of firewall does not it? so if I am not able to reach or download a demo database in which practice the basic comands how can i create my own database for first time?
thanks in advance

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BTEQ logon problem Topic by Buddy 15 Mar 2006

Hi,I am using the following syntax to logon to Teradata Demo thru BTEQ/BTEQWin:.logon demotdat/dbc,dbc;and having the following error:*** Error: Invalid logon!*** Total elapsed time was 1 second.Teradata BTEQ for WIN32. Enter your logon or BTEQ command:The hosts file shows the following: localhost DemoTDAT DemoTDATcop1Hovewer when I use .logon demotdat/dbcwithout specifying its password, it prompts for a password... when I type in its password, I am able to logon.Could someone shed a light why I cannot use the Batch Mode?

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Teradata warehouser miner. Topic by vishnumorena 3 weeks ago

Hi Team,
I have downloaded twm tool and teradata database.I am not able to connect this tool to teradata database.
Please tell me the step to connect it to teradata database. So i can write query and procedures .
And please tell me how to start teratada database.
Vishnu Rathore

1 reply, 2 weeks ago
Fastexport help Topic by NW123 31 Mar 2006

New to Teradata: any help is appreciated:Thanksgetting the error:22:30:16 UTY8713 RDBMS failure, 3504: Selected non-aggregate values must be part of the associated group.While running the script:===========================SELECT CAST(CHAR_LEN_STRTTRIM(State_Cd) || '|' ||TRIM(Company_Cd) || '|' ||TRIM(SUBSTR(Line_Cd,1,1)) || '|' ||TRIM(Line_Of_business_Cd) || '|' ||TRIM(Policy_Form_Cd) || '|' ||TRIM(Policy_Type_Cd) || '|' ||TRIM(Location_Cd) || '|' ||TRIM(SUBSTR(WP_Accounting_Yr,1,5)) || '|' ||TRIM(SUBSTR(WP_Accounting_Qtr,1,2)) ||'|' ||TRIM(Ct_Earned_Exposure_PRI) || '|' ||TRIM(Am_Earned_Premium_PRI) || '|' ||TRIM(CASE WHEN Policy_Insurance_Score_Cd = '^' THEN 0 ELSE Policy_Insurance_Score_Cd END) || '|' || TRIM(Farm_Bureau_In) || '|' CHAR_LEN_END FROM (SELECT TRIM(State_Cd) ,TRIM(Company_Cd) ,TRIM(SUBSTR(Line_Cd,1,1)) ,TRIM(Line_Of_business_Cd) ,TRIM(Policy_Form_Cd) ,TRIM(Policy_Type_Cd) ,TRIM(Location_Cd) ,TRIM(SUBSTR(WP_Accounting_Yr,1,5)) ,TRIM(SUBSTR(WP_Accounting_Qtr,1,2)) ,TRIM(SUM(Ct_Earned_Exposure_PRI)) ,TRIM(SUM(Am_Earned_Premium_PRI)) ,TRIM(CASE WHEN Policy_Insurance_Score_Cd = '^' THEN 0 ELSE Policy_Insurance_Score_Cd END) Policy_Insurance_Score_Cd ,TRIM(Farm_Bureau_In) FROM pricing_extract.RNTNWSTCD_LINECD_PRM_EXPRPRDYREXPRPRDQRTR_PRPRGROUP BY TRIM(State_Cd) ,TRIM(Company_Cd) ,TRIM(SUBSTR(Line_Cd,1,1)) ,TRIM(Line_Of_business_Cd) ,TRIM(Policy_Form_Cd) ,TRIM(Policy_Type_Cd) ,TRIM(Location_Cd) ,TRIM(SUBSTR(WP_Accounting_Yr,1,5)) ,TRIM(SUBSTR(WP_Accounting_Qtr,1,2)) ,TRIM(Policy_Insurance_Score_Cd),TRIM(Farm_Bureau_In) ) X ;

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Failed to obtain shared memory segment for for column data buffer, due to error 48. Topic by toadrw 3 weeks ago TPT17187, TPT17174, Failed to obtain shared memory segment, teradata parallel transporter

I'm using Teradata Tools and Utilities 15, TPT and the ODBC operator to move data from SQL Server to Teradata.  Every once in a while I get this error and I don't know why.  If anyone has any experience with this error is would be appreciated.


Services|ODBCOperator: TPT17187: Failed to obtain shared memory segment for for column data buffer, due to error 48.

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Unable to load the saved database tree information Topic by N_Raghu 3 weeks ago sql assistant, database tree

Some times I get the error "unable to load the saved database tree information" when I open teradata sql assistant and I loose my saved database tree. My sql assistant version
How to solve this problem?

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Fastload Inserting Default User and Date Topic by DRossmann 3 weeks ago fastload

I have the following fastload script


                                               FIELD2                  VARCHAR(25) CHARACTER SET UNICODE CASESPECIFIC ,

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TPT deadlock Issue. Topic by achikan01 10 Oct 2014 #TPT

When trying to insreat into log table getting deadlock on TPT script

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SHOW table/View issue in Teradata SQL Assistant 13 Java version Topic by Arun1377 26 Feb 2014 show view

When i execute show view or show table in my newly installed teradata SQL assistant 13 Java version tool. The DDL (result set ) for the query is not displayed, the save to file option is also giving only the truncated data.
Kindly help me to modify the settings to obtain the full DDL of the objects.
Thanks in advance.

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TPT DataConnector Error : Delimited Data Parsing error: Input record exceeds allocated storage Topic by ashk660 1 month ago #TPT, #DataConnector, #CLOB

TPT DataConnector producer error : "Delimited Data Parsing error: Input record exceeds allocated storage"
I am using TPT Data connector producer and sql inserter operator to load clob data using tab delimited file. Max length of text I am loading into CLOB is 90000 approx.
I am unable to load the files as it is failing with Below error.

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