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Teradata tpt Topic by akd2k6 14 Dec 2014

Hi All, I am new to this post and in teradata.

I am trying to create one unix script that will do the table sync from one to another for COB sync with tpt utility.


I need script to unload from source table and load to target table by tpt and if possible unload file in delimited.But also I need to generate the dml of the unload file and save it for future use.

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TPT: reading variable blanks at end of record. Filler? Topic by mauricio.rodriguez 3 hours ago tpt, blanks

I am recieving a file with delimiters with 20 fields, the problem is that after the last field there are blanks until completing the end of the record.  It s some kind of mix between delimiters and fixed length.
I´m using a tpt update operator to load it, but I dont know how to read that last field that has variable length but only with spaces.

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Receiving Failure 2673 The source parcel length does not match data that was defined while importing using BTEQ Topic by 02CSE33 21 Apr 2013 source parcel length in BTEQ

Hi Gurus,
Now I am able to login properly in both Batch as well as Interactive mode through BTEQ.
The problem which I am facing is with IMPORT of data to Database.
Details of the IMPORT.

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TPT For Informatica 9.0.1 Topic by shubhendu.pyne 1 week ago #TPT #Informatica

I have Informatica 9.0.1 running on Solaris 10 Sparc. I installed the content from tdodbc1400__solaris_sparc. but still unable to get the TPT working. In the Informatica Relational Loader, unable to see TPT. My target database is TD 14.00
Can someone please help me know :-
1. If i had installed correct package for TPT?
2. Download link for TPT

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BTEQ Import/Export of decimals does not work Topic by sh_one 6 days ago bteq, import, export, indicdata, decimal

Hello experts,


I have a problem using import and export with bteq. I have the following simple table in DB1 and DB2:

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Any Visual Explain users out there? Topic by gryback 4 days ago

We here in Teradata Labs are considering a new Visual Explain investment as the current TTU version is a bit antiquated. As part of the analysis, we want to confirm the business case to justify the resource investment for the work. So let us know if you use the current Visual Explain and what the use cases around that usage. Is this something shared with end-users? Or as a DBA tool?

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Fast load Error Topic by Rohit Ranjan 11 Aug 2014

I am getting error while trying to run a fastload script. The error says " FDL4822 DEFINE statement rejected".
Below is the script:
.logon abcd/passwd;
.set record vartext " ";
create table abc
eno. interger,
ename varchar(20),
dno integer,
sal decimal(10,2)
unique primary index(eno);

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MultiLoad automation Topic by dave.stidham 15 Oct 2013 multiload, MS Acess, etl, oleload, fastload

Hi -
I am new to working with Teradata. I tried searching the forums for how to create a batch file to initiate a MultiLoad script but was not very successful. I would like to use Windows scheduler to kick off a MultiLoad script to populate tables over night.
Does anyone have an example of a batch file initiating MultiLoad?

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TPT: system variables with result count Topic by SebastianE 16 Jul 2012 tpt, parallel transporter

Hi everybody,

In the current implementation of our load scripts with multiload and tpump we are using the system variables holding the result count(&sysinscnt, &sysupdcnt, &sysetcnt, &sysuvcnt)  for logging and further processing.

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Teradata TPT with SAP Data services 4.2 Topic by TDuserlocal 2 months ago

Hello Folks, I see this issue with TPT on the TD database running with a BODS 4.2 version. 

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Installing TTU Topic by Greyghost 5 days ago

I have tried several times to download and install the TTU software from the Download page.  Eeverytime I get a message the SQL Assistant did not install properly.  What am I missing?  Is there another place I can get the TTU software so I can get a reliable download and install?

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TPT: Target Database different than Working Database with LOAD operator Topic by astocks 6 days ago tpt

How can I use a different target database (not TdpId) than what I declare in WorkingDatabase?  I want the log and error tables to go to a work database, but the target table is in a different database.
For example:
Work.ExampleTable_ET = error table in Work database
Person.ExampleTable = target table in Person database

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Issues during Importing pipe delimited vartext file using MLOAD Topic by Rahulraj1981 1 week ago

I have to load data from Netezza tables to Teradata. I am using the nzsql command to export the data into a unix file (pipe delimited,vartext) and then want to use the MLOAD to load the tables. 

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TPT UTF8 Import of "no valid unicode character" - need help Topic by brian_m 1 week ago

i need held to import a .csv into a table.
We have a .csv file with a few columns. One of them is unicode. The import of these "U+10002A" characters failed. Without these characters the import is fine.
TPT19350 I/O error on file xxx
TPT19003 read
Teradata TPT is version
When you need more information please write.

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Compare current row with previous NOT NULL row in Teradata. Topic by karan2353 6 days ago preceding, NOT NULL

I need to implement a logic in which i need to compare my current row with previous NOT NULL row. I am using PRECEDING function but didn't get the desired results.
Please find details below.
If my source table is like
Code  Id     Datetime                       Flag1 Flag2 Flag3
GSM 1111 2015-01-01 00:00:04    1        1      1

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Select query from Teradata to BD MS Access Topic by eva.rodriguez 2 months ago

Hi, I have a database in MS Access multiple tables. I wish I could do select query from Teradata without loading the data into a Teradata database, do you know if it is possible and with that tool? thanks

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BTEQ and the Commit statement Topic by v_gabrielli 06 Feb 2014 BTEQ and commit

hello everyone, is there a method in BTEQ that I do not need to enter COMMIT after every action.. I have a very big script with full

of commands to perform..  when I do it SQL assistant it works.. and I had to enter all the commit statements... I think it could be something with Ansi or Teradata mode??? would appreciate some guidence..  thks Vince



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Editing queries in column Mode for SQL Assistant v15 Topic by ctamala 1 week ago #SQLAssistant


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Teradata SQL Assistat client connection to SQL databases Topic by Prem77 1 week ago

Hi All - I am unable to connect to SQL databases with special character underscore in the database name from client tool. Have any one seen this issue ?

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Two minor issues concerning TDSQLA Functionality Topic by TDW 2 weeks ago

"Clicking any cell in the SQL Statement column in the History window copies the SQL to the Query Window."
I have lost more unrun/unsaved code by clicking the SQL Statement column by accident, and I would like to turn this feature off.
When copying/cutting and pasting text/code into the Query Window, the pasted text/code remains highlighted.

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TPT - $INSERT generation Topic by JaimeHolland 2 weeks ago

Hi, when using code such as the following:



SELECT * FROM OPERATOR($FILE_READER( DELIMITED  @TargetDatabase || '.' || @TargetTable ));


I understand that TPT will go off to the target table, and infer the schema from it .  


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TPT Date format error Topic by JaimeHolland 2 weeks ago



I am new to TPT, and am trying to get an import working in a situation where I have to explicitly set a format for a date.  For example, here is some data:




Which has the schema:


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EXPORT_OPERATOR: TPT12108: Output Schema does not match data from SELECT statement Topic by Minatkumarverma 06 Jun 2014 tpt, EXPORT_OPERATOR, UTLITIES, tools

Hi ,
The subject might be old, but I was unable to figure out my solution, so please take a look once.
Trying to TPT using the below Script :

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Passing date parameter (current month) to tbuild from command line Topic by brindamaiti 11 Apr 2012


We are using TPT to extract data from Teradata to Oracle.

The script that we are using needs to extract data only for the current month from the Teradata table .

How can we pass the current month to the script.

We run tbuild from  command line.

The command being used is

tbuild -f <script_to_which_curr_month_is passed>.


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i am unable connect teradata database Topic by integration 3 weeks ago #database #teradata #TTU #SQLAssistant

Hi all,
i have installed teradata database express 13.0 version in my windows 7 32bit system. installation has been done successfully. and i defined some sample datasources but i am unable to connect them using teradata administrator while connect to data source getting below error
10054: 10054 WSA E ConnReset:Connection reset by peer.

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