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TERADATA 13.10 - DATASTAGE 8.5 Issues with FastLoad functionality Topic by jpicon 1 day ago fastload, issues, error, lock, table, lecked table

Issue description:
When a job that is loading an empty table through FastLoad Functionality (Teradata Connector) aborts, it causes the mentioned table to be left in an irrecoverable Lock state, which cannot be cleared using an empty FastLoad, and which only workaround is to drop and recreate the table.
System description:

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TPT load failure - Please suggest Topic by tddev1984 05 Jun 2014

Dear Experts,
We are facing a failure during loading a file into a table using TPT utility. We loaded files a lot of times successfully but this time, its a very huge file (>100 GB) probably causing the issue.
Errror Observed :
FILE_READER: TPT19350 I/O error on file '/dev/aps/file123.dat.
FILE_READER: TPT19417 pmRead failed. Buffer overflow (17)

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ODBC Operator and Window Authentication Topic by toadrw 1 day ago tpt, ODBC Operator, Windows Authentication

I'm just tryingt to confirm that in order to get Windows Authentication to work you would exclude the UserName and UserPassword attributes and let the DSN handle it.  It that correct?
If that is correct is the driver that I'm using not compatible with the ODBC Operator?  
CR SQL Server Wire Protocol ODBC Driver 5.3 (

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Informatica and TPT Topic by JustMe 1 day ago deadlock, dbc.accessrights, tpt, informatica

The application team experienced a deadlock issue.
There were three different jobs running:  Job A was blocked by Job B.  Job B was blocked by Job A.  Job C was blocked by both Job A and Job B.

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Mload Performance Issue Topic by sharatbalaji 1 day ago mload

I have an Informatica mapping trying to load data from a flatfile to a table. The target table uses MLOAD to load the table in one of the database in teradata development database.
Till yesterday the mapping was taking 2 minutes and from today the mapping was running for more than 2 hours with the same source file. I tried to compare the MLOAD loader log and this is what i found out

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BTEQ export CSV issue Topic by Rohit Ranjan 1 day ago

I am running a BTEQ script in Unix and trying to export the result in CSV format. I have four columns in the teradata table. When i get the exported result set in CSV, all the four different columns of the table are coming under column A only of CSV file. Not sure how to recrify this.
.logon ${TD_LOGON};

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TPT Template operators with LDAP authentication Topic by tdforumuser 26 Dec 2013 tpt, ldap, database connectivity, Operator Templates, templates, tbuild

I have coded a simple TPT script using operator templates ($EXPORT, $INSERT and $LOAD) to copy data of Table A from TDSERVER-A to TDSERVER-B. TDSERVER-A and TDSERVER-B use LDAP based authentication. TPT (TBUILD) raises errors when I run the script either by initializing LogonMech, UserName, UserPassword variables for Source/Target operators in JobVars file  or when I run the script by overridin

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How to manually install modified TTU 15.00 for Windows Client. Topic by gneal 1 day ago TTU 15.0, install

I need assistance on how to do the following regarding the TTU 15.00 for Windows for I have never done ijt before - Teradata has packaged it as a “Suite” instead of individual components like the previous versions.  After downloading the TTU 15 as a zip file, how can various components within it, along with associated setup and .ini files, be removed (i.e.

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passing ksh variable into bteq function? Topic by k1ng 2 days ago bash bteq ksh

I'm trying to pass string variables inside a function (the bteq itself does work) but can't seem to get it to work. I try this:

query="SEL '>'||COUNT(*) FROM $schemaName.$tblName"

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Doubts regarding MLOAD script Topic by saumil287 2 days ago

Hi All,
I am having a single target table which needs to be updated from 7 different tables which are joined and having aggrgated for a fact columns.
The single target table is having a PI which is auto incremented by 1.

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FLOAD Script throws error "TPT_INFRA: At "select" missing SEMICOL_ in rule: Job Definition Body" Topic by saumil287 4 days ago

Hi All,
I am having the below sql script from which we need to load the initial data as follows: 
It is throwing an error as TPT_INFRA: At "select" missing SEMICOL_ in rule: Job Definition Body
Can you guide me in identifying the cause of these error


        a11.BKLG_MSR_IND as BKLG_MSR_IND, 

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TPUMP Question Topic by icemanc 3 days ago tpump

How does TPUMP Handle input file ?
if the source system keep on appending data to same file ..
and tpump keep on loading to teradata , at some point file becomes huge and need to be deleted 
then do we need to handle the process manually ?

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SQL Assistant Favorites Topic by Jason_N 2 days ago sql assistant

Can anyone tell me where the favorites are stored? I am using two instances of SQL Assistant (one on laptop, one on VM) and would like to merge both.

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Code = 2644 No more room in database Topic by Vincent Gabrielli 16 Mar 2006

Hi folks, I need you expert advice once again...the client is trying to execute a procedure and is getting this error message Code = 2644.2644: No more room in database SMB_ETLBASE. Output directed to Answer set windowI verified the Max Perm space of that database and it's Database Name Used Max Perm Space % usedSMB_ETLBASE 2,328,576 21,225,428 11I do not understand why the client would be getting this error message when clearly there is enough room.Anxiously waiting for a reply...

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MLOAD ERROR : "UTY4019 Access module error '4' received during 'File open' operation: 'Requested file not found' " Topic by SYAMALAMEDURI 1 week ago

Hello Everyone,
One of our workflow (using MLOAD loader connection) used to fail with the error "UTY4019 Access module error '4' received during 'File open' operation: 'Requested file not found'  File Name : "

1 reply, 3 days ago
TPT multiple instances using mainframe host (Syntax error). Topic by Om 11 Aug 2011 tpt, mainframe, syntax error, multiple instances

Hi all,
I am doing TPT from mainframe. I have data connector -- producer reading from file and load operator loading the file. The script runs fine without multiple instances. If I add [n] for multiple instances to the script, I get below syntax issue and unable to resolve it. Any help is appreciated.

Below works.

/* JGB. JM */


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TDSQLA 14.10 - Cut & Paste Issue Topic by TDW 1 month ago SQLA 14

I can no longer call myself a newbie (2 year anniversary with my job), but I am still green on some issues.
I searched this site - as well as the Internet - and could not find an answer.

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Hiding password in mload script Topic by kishu 27 Jul 2008

hiI want to hide the password in logon string.please suggest me the way i can do this.Thanks

4 replies, 1 week ago
TPT export large table to smaller text files Topic by brockappleby 1 week ago tpt, export, Flat Files

Hello good people
I have a table of ~77 million rows that I need to export to fixed width text files, however I need to impose a limit of 5 million rows per file.
I am currently achieving this with "SELECT * FROM MYTABLE QUALIFY ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY COL1 ASC) BETWEEN 1 AND 5000000"

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Stored procedures - calling tables and views Topic by dodo1992 01 Jun 2013 stored procedures, dependancy

I have to analyse 250 stored procedures to identify the tables and views they are using to get data from or inserting into. Is there a view of achieving this other than manually trying to eye-ball code. Even 80% accuracy will suffice. Will be grateful for any directions. Thanks.

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which Teradata process is using this table Topic by v_gabrielli 1 month ago Vinny

need your help,
does anyone have an SQL that lists the processes that are using a specific table.  I would like to enter the table name 
and the results would show me which process has/using that table.. 
thank you

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Help with metadata services Topic by DHbrmtnz 20 Jul 2014



In the company we recently used the tool "metabrowse" to upload data to MDS, but by mistake remove a class within the tool "metabrowse" we have the support of the repository,

 but I require to know if using the backup repository, we can see class eliminated again within tool "metabrowse". thank you

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Teradata Administrator References and Procedures Topic by PeterSchwennesen 1 week ago Teradata Administrator References Procedures

When inside Teradata Administrator it is possible to right click on an object and select “References”, to get a list of object where it is used.

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Problem to load data into teradata table by using tpt Topic by kusumayella 03 Dec 2010 tpt


I am trying to load data into my teradata staging table,
I defined ACTIONTIMESTAMP column as TIMESTAMP but my input file have data like '20101203151515' for ACTIONTIMESTAMP
column but I can load '2010 12 03 15 15 15'.
for that in tpt script I have used substr function just to add space between while inserting into the staging table.
I got an error with the code :3760:String not terminated before end of text.
Do I need to add anything else or is there any other way to aceive the same.
Can any one faced this issue,please share with me the solution if u have any.

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Updating an aggregate table from detail table using MLOAD (multiload) or job. Topic by saumil287 1 week ago mload, fload, job

Hi All,
I am new to teradata and done some findings on FLOAD, MLOAD and manually creating a job to load data from 1 table to another.
I am able to do FLOAD, mload for loading the data from 1 table to another table.
The thing is
I am not able to update the aggregate table created from the detail table using mload, I am trying from last 4 days but with no success.

5 replies, 1 week ago