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Fast load Issue Topic by kriti1000 4 days ago

Hi experts, this is the error I got while executing the fastload script
0002 .logon,

**** 16:43:30 Teradata Database Release:

**** 16:43:30 Teradata Database Version:

**** 16:43:30 Number of AMPs available: 2

**** 16:43:30 Current CLI or RDBMS allows maximum row size: 64K

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TPT API Error while using with INFA Topic by Diwanshu_A 1 day ago informatica tpt api

Hi Folks,
Please help me to understand the below  TPT API Error, while using the TPT Stream connection with Informatica Tool as same job works fine with the ODBC connection to the same database and table.
Environment Details:
Informatica version: 9.5.1
Teradata Database version: 14.00
TTU Version: 13.10
Error Details:

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Bteq - Maintain Audit Info Topic by tusharzaware1 2 days ago


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Copy data from TD15.00 to TD15.10 (TD Express for VMWare) Topic by AOHorvli 3 days ago arcmain

I just tried to move data between TD and TD (both TD Express for VMWare). I'm using Arcmain from TTU 15 (arcmain The archive runs perfect, but when copying I get: 11/25/2015 22:35:25  *** Failure ARC0010:The DBS Software Version is incompatible.

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Define schema to load file source with additional derived columns Topic by slemme 4 days ago TPT FileReader DataConnector schema

I am using TPT 14.10.05 on AIX.  I want to read a file and add some fields to
the row from job variables before loading to a table.

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Convert date format m/d/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy in TPT Topic by jnevill 07 Oct 2013 tpt, import, date format, m/d/yyyy

I have a file I am loading to a table in my database via TPT. Everything is working properly, however I am dropping records where the date format is m/d/yyyy (as opposed to mm/dd/yyyy). Is there a way, in the insert statement in APPLY to convert the field on the fly via CASE, CAST, or some string manipulation?  
My insert statement is pretty basic:

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Studio Express installer can't find java Topic by ronnotel 20 Aug 2013

I'm installing Studio Express nt-x8664 on Windows 7 (64bit). In a command window, "java -version" returns "java version 1.7.0_25".

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TPT - Timestamp format error 6760 Topic by JaimeHolland 1 month ago

I have a simple load step

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clispb.dat implications Topic by wmmiteff 2 months ago cli

Reading through the CLI documentation I was excited to discover the clispb.dat file and how to leverage it to change settings.  Before I actually implement changes on my systems I was curious if someone could explian exactly what the following settings will do and what the potential impact to my processes could be.

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Error: "The installation of shared ICU-32 bit appears to have failed. Do you want to continue?" Topic by Insaf 2 months ago error, installation and configure help

I wanted to install from this link Teradata tool and utilities - base 15.00000 but get error "The installation of shared ICU-32 bit appears to have failed. Do you want to continue?"
Restart of installation didnt help. I`m using win7 32 bit.

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TPT Template operators with LDAP authentication Topic by tdforumuser 26 Dec 2013 tpt, ldap, database connectivity, Operator Templates, templates, tbuild

I have coded a simple TPT script using operator templates ($EXPORT, $INSERT and $LOAD) to copy data of Table A from TDSERVER-A to TDSERVER-B. TDSERVER-A and TDSERVER-B use LDAP based authentication. TPT (TBUILD) raises errors when I run the script either by initializing LogonMech, UserName, UserPassword variables for Source/Target operators in JobVars file  or when I run the script by overridin

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Error 9128 : Transaction exceeds max. number of Row Hash locks Topic by b.saipavankumar 2 weeks ago bteq, import, RowHash, #Locks

Hello All,
I am trying to load a file with aroun 12 million records to an empty table and I tried using BTEQ.
I am included begin transaction & end transaction statements in my BTEQ import script.
However,  the script after sometime stating "Error 9128: Transaction exceeds max. number of Row Hash locks".

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Error with ODBC TTU 15.00: unknown error occurred in terasso library Topic by alejandra 2 months ago ERROR ODBC TTU 15.00

I just installed TTU 15 on windows 7 and when I tried to create a new odbc connection I got this error: " unknown error occurred in terasso library".

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BTEQ TPT Topic by sharatbalaji 3 weeks ago BTEQ TPT

I want to understand the difference in the usage of a TPT script vs BTEQ script. 

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TTU (linux) silent installation or chef recipe Topic by seabull 2 weeks ago #TTU

Does anyone know whether it is possible to install TTU silently (non-interactive) on Linux? Or, has anyone created a chef recipe for it? Thanks.

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how can i remove the extra spaces when using bteq to export data into a flat txt file Topic by hubert 16 Feb 2012

here is the code i used:


.LOGON localtd/tduser,tduser;
.EXPORT DATA FILE = d:\hubert\bteq_test_result1.txt

/*Setting format of output file*/
.set width 255;

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Scheduling Stored Procedures in Teradata Topic by fgraysmi 2 weeks ago teradata query scheduler, sql assistant

Good Afternoon All,
Hoping someone can help me out with an issue that's causing me a great deal of frustration...

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Error while loading data from specific row number using Multiload Topic by EUsha 2 weeks ago

I have a csv file having some rows with less columns causing issues during loading using MULTILOAD. I am getting error-- Access module error '61' received during 'pmReadDDparse'  operation: 'Warning, too few columns !ERROR! Delimited Data Parsing error: Too few columns in row 1524856'.

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TTU for Mac OS Topic by Badri_V23 07 May 2015 #TTU, #Mac, #BTEQ

Hi, Can you please tell me if TTU is available for MAC ? My requirement is to run BTEQ from 
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Date formatting error when porting SQL from TD 13 to TD 15 Topic by Wasim Ismail 2 weeks ago TD13 migration to TD15

We are migrating from TD 13 to TD 15.
Following is the SQL that we need to run:

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TPT binary mode export Topic by muthu1802 3 weeks ago TPT binary mode export, tpt, teradata binary file

I tried exporting the data using TPT in binary mode and it worked. File has been created.
When I tried to understand the exported data file, I am not able to understand it.
Is that will be the LPF(Length Prefixed File) ? 
How to interpret the data meaning what is the starting point and End point of record.

2 replies, 2 weeks ago
TTU 15.0 not properly installing or uninstalling Topic by jr186021 3 weeks ago TTU 15.0, Install TD 15.0, Uninstall TTU 15.0

Need help manually removing TTU 15. It didn't install properly so I tried uninstalling it to install again. The uninstall does not work and a repair install does not work. How can I get it properly fixed on my laptop?

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Teradata CRM Help Needed Topic by mike.mckeon 3 weeks ago teradata, crm, RTIM, CIM, dmc

Hi all,

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bteq export and import for _ET dataparcel Topic by tdurbin 20 Feb 2012 bteq, export, export/import, _et

Hi,  I'm new to Teradata and need to do the following:

I'm on a Unix system, using verision 13.0. 

We're inserting data into the "Stage" table from a delimited text file (bell is the delimeter \007)

1.  export the dataparcel field from the _ET table to a file  (delimited text if possible)

2.  fix the contents of the file

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Difference in Aquisition phase of Mload & FastLoad Topic by b.saipavankumar 3 weeks ago mload, fastload

Hello Everyone,
I have a question on Mload & FastLoad.
Lets assume that I have an empty table and I am trying to  load a file into this table using Mload or fastload. Now, based on below knowledge, I want to conclude, in application phase , which of these utilities will perform better.

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