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Fastload error-Kindly Help!! Topic by sanjay_hyd 15 Sep 2009

Hi Teradata Gurus!I am using Teradata Fastload utility to load data from a file to table. The table is being loaded successfully with all the data in file. But returning the following error: Highest return code encountered = '4'.Kindly Help!!For further information..please follow the loader log details below:**** 18:50:55 Processing starting at: Fri Sep 11 18:50:55 2009 =================================================================== = = = Logon/Connection = = = ===================================================================0001 .logon USER_ID/PASSWD,**** 18:50:55 Teradata Database Release: V2R.**** 18:50:55 Teradata Database Version:**** 18:50:55 Current CLI or RDBMS allows maximum row size: 64K**** 18:50:55 Character set for this job: ASCII**** 18:53:09 CLI Error 301: CLI2: SESSOVER(301): Exceeded max number of sessions allowed.**** 18:53:12 Number of FastLoad sessions connected = 298**** 18:53:12 FDL4808 LOGON successful0002 DROP TABLE utlty_c.Table1 ;**** 18:53:12 RDBMS error 3807: Object 'utlty_c.UV_Table' does not exist.0003 DROP TABLE utlty_c.ET_Table ;**** 18:53:12 RDBMS error 3807: Object 'utlty_c.ETTable' does not exist.0004 DELETE FROM table_name ;**** 18:53:15 Command completed successfully0005 set record unformatted;**** 18:53:15 Now set to read 'UNFORMATTED' records**** 18:53:15 Command completed successfully0006 define File Lay_out file=file_name; **** 18:53:15 FDL4803 DEFINE statement processed0007 show; FILE = file_name description of field_name1 description of field_name2... TOTAL RECORD LENGTH = 3450008 begin loading table_name errorfiles utlty_c.ET_Table, utility.UV_table checkpoint 0 ;**** 18:53:33 Number of AMPs available: 384**** 18:53:33 BEGIN LOADING COMPLETE =================================================================== = = = Insert Phase = = = ===================================================================0009 insert into table_name ( field_names ) values ( ) ;**** 18:53:37 Number of recs/msg: 182**** 18:53:37 Starting to send to RDBMS with record 1**** 18:53:38 Starting row 100000**** 18:53:38 Starting row 200000**** 18:53:38 Starting row 300000**** 18:53:39 Starting row 400000**** 18:53:39 Starting row 500000**** 18:53:40 Starting row 600000**** 18:53:40 Starting row 700000**** 18:53:40 Starting row 800000**** 18:53:41 Starting row 900000**** 18:53:41 Starting row 1000000**** 18:53:42 Starting row 1100000**** 18:53:42 Starting row 1200000**** 18:53:43 Starting row 1300000**** 18:53:43 Starting row 1400000**** 18:53:43 Starting row 1500000**** 18:53:44 Starting row 1600000**** 18:53:44 Sending row 1668271**** 18:53:48 Finished sending rows to the RDBMS =================================================================== = = = End Loading Phase = = = ===================================================================0010 end loading;**** 18:53:51 END LOADING COMPLETE Total Records Read = 1668271 Total Error Table 1 = 0 ---- Table has been dropped Total Error Table 2 = 0 ---- Table has been dropped Total Inserts Applied = 1668271 Total Duplicate Rows = 0 Start: Fri Sep 11 18:53:49 2009 End : Fri Sep 11 18:53:51 20090011 logoff; =================================================================== = = = Logoff/Disconnect = = = ===================================================================**** 18:53:58 Logging off all sessions**** 18:54:38 Total processor time used = '11.2335 Seconds' . Start : Fri Sep 11 18:50:55 2009 . End : Fri Sep 11 18:54:38 2009 . Highest return code encountered = '4'.**** 18:54:38 FDL4818 FastLoad Terminated

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Calling tbuild.exe directly via command prompt (Windows) Topic by toadrw 3 days ago tbuild.exe, tpt



Sorry. I had posted this earlier, but I accidently unpublished it while looking at it.


We would like to be able to call tbuild.exe directly in a batch file. Is this possible or would it be easier to try to just call tbuild and set everything up via the system environement variables? Using TTU 14.10 and we have both 32-bit and 64-bit installed.

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FASTEXPORT with MLSCRIPT option Topic by Gnana Reddy 3 days ago

I have exported 809GB data to data file using fast export with MLSCRIPT option sucessfully. I imported to table again using ml script which is generated by fast export script. I did the row count validation, found 1 record mismatch.
fastexport script:
.logtable db.log;
.logon xxx/xxxx,xxx;

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Fastexport with MLOAD option Topic by Gnana Reddy 1 week ago

Considering TD space, we planned to export the old data to dat file and when ever we required load it again. I am using below fexport script to export data with MLOAD option.
.logtable DB.logtable;
.logon xx/xxxxx/xxxxx;

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TPT Stream Loader - Create Macro Access error on target database (not working database). Topic by toadrw 1 month ago tpt stream operator, create macro access, MacroDatabase attribute

When trying to use TPT to stream data from SQL Server we're running into the following error.
'The user does not have CREATE MACRO access to database TargetDatabase'.

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Installing the TTU 14.10 on windows Topic by bugmenot 26 Aug 2013

Dear All,

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Teradata Fastload not working for any other delimiter Topic by sshekhard 3 days ago #Fastload #JDBC

Hi All,
             I am facing an issue with the Teradata fastload java code. The code worked perfectly fine for |,comma and ; as delimiters but today when I tried the same I am getting exceptions like:

 SQL State = HY000, Error Code = 1390

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Passing Parameter to BTEQ Topic by ineedhelp 26 Jan 2012

How can I pass a parameter to BTEQ during run time (In Windows)?


I have 2 DB's like QA_TEST & DEV_TEST

I need to test the BTEQ script with both QA and DEV data. So instead of creating 2 BTEQ's, is there a way i can pass QA_TEST DB for my QA testing and DEV_TEST DB for my dev testing?

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TPT19134 - Only happens after the 7th run of the same file. Topic by lgscheurich 5 days ago tpt, 19134, 14.10

Hi All,

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Teradata TPT with SAP Data services 4.2 Topic by TDuserlocal 3 days ago

Hello Folks, I see this issue with TPT on the TD database running with a BODS 4.2 version. 

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Arcmain Estimates Topic by Harpreet Singh 2 months ago arcmain

Can we estimate time used for arcmain data copy/restore using linear scale from sample data? i.e. 5 gb is copied in 5 minutes then 1 tb in 1000 minutes.

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SQL Assistant Topic by dso007 5 days ago

Switched to SQL Assistant DB version 10.00.0714, ODBC
History not available but more importantly - whenever I export a dataset to my hard-drive it somehow exports it as a hidden file and no matter what I do I can't get it to show up.
When I go to run it again, in the export dialogue box the export DOES show but NOT if using windows explorer.

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Teradata destination ODBC connections failing in SSIS job Topic by pleino 1 month ago SSIS Teradata ODBC

Windows Server 2012 R2

SQL Server Integration Services 2012

Teradata, Driver


We have a situation where ODBC connections to Teradata destination database keep getting errors from time to time, not every night though.

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DSA logs Topic by JustMe 1 week ago DSA, backup, restore, bar

I ran a restore using DSA, and received an error in the postscript.  Where can I find the DSA logs so that I can further investigate my error?  I'm guessing it's on the BAR media server, but I need the directory path.

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Fastload using Java API fails with \t delimiter Topic by sshekhard 1 week ago #Fastload, #Fastload #JDBC

Hi All,
              I am working on a code to export data from a file to Teradata. For this I am using Fastload Java API.
              I am facing an issue when I try to use tab as the delimiter. 
              The url which I am using to create a fastload jdbc connection is as below:

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String-genererated SQL-statment into BTEQ Topic by denilsson10 1 week ago #BTEQ, #STRING, #sql

I have created a SQL-statement that is in a string.
'insert into MetadataTable.TestTable ' !!
'sel ''' !! trim(substr(Col.databasename,1,3)) !! ''' as Environment, ''' !!

trim(T1322.Id) !! ''' as Id, ''' !!

trim(T1324.RId) !! ''' as RId, ''' !!

trim(substr(Col.databasename,4,20)) !! ''' as DatabaseName, ''' !!

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What is best way to near real-time load 1800 tags per second from OSIsoft PI Historn into Teradata Topic by fddeschenes 1 week ago oledb

My goal is to keep a rolling few days of the 1 second data in Teradata. 1800 PI tags per second = 180,00 measurements per minute. Loading as frequently as can. Without writing code, here's what I see are my PI options:
1.  PI OLEDB Enterprise Connector with the Teradata OLEDB provider and setting up jobs on Teradata every few minutes to pull in the data

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Load data from Oracle to Teradata with correct character set Topic by paulogil 1 month ago

Hello guys, I am new here in this forum and I would appreciate your help.


I had a problem to load some data from an Oracle database to Teradata using Data Direct tool. All data were loaded correctly to target, but some special brazilian characters (like "Ç") came to Teradata as a "?" character.


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Teradata Parallel Transporter Wizard 13.10 Issues Topic by mm185159 27 Apr 2011 tpt wizard, teradata parallel transporter wizard 13.10

When using TPT Wizard 13.10 I am not able to save a job. When I get to the Finish and Submit dialog screen, I click on "Finish" and nothing happens. Then I click on Cancel and a dialog box asks me if I want to cancel with unsaved job?.

Has anyone run into this issue and how can it be fixed?

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TTU 15 Installed, SQL Assistant Error Topic by robinsu 23 May 2014 ttu 15

After install TTU 15, The SQL Assistant show Error:
=== Entry Point Not Found ===
The procedure entry point __crtInitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR110.dll
OS is Windows 7.
Are you have similar experience on TTU 15? Please advise me and thanks a lot.

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bteq .OS calls to UNIX "date" command Topic by smartyollie 2 weeks ago bteq, .OS, date

I have bteq .RUN command sandwiched by .OS calls which log the start and end date times of the .RUN. The dates are gotten by calls to UNIX 'date' command. The START date is fine, however, my COMPLETED date is always equal to my START date. I don't see how that's possible because the 'date' command is invoked fresh on the COMPLETED line.

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Updating SQL assistant 15 Topic by zkimble 2 weeks ago

Hello, I recently downloaded TTU v15.00, which seems to have a lot of bugs on my machine. I see some comments about updates to SQL Assistant, but I can't find an update version or updater. How can I update SQL assistant to the latest version?

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FASTLOAD: Can it skip blank lines? Topic by Rik Bitter 2 weeks ago

I did a few searches and couldn't turn up anything on this topic so I thought I'd ask.  I've already worked around it by preprocessing my data file through sed to remove any blank lines.  For future reference, is there an option in fastload that will have it skip blank lines?

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Merging of Bteq and shell scripts Topic by mukuljain015 3 weeks ago

I want to use shell variables in bteq commands and shell commands in bteq script. e.q  create table $variable (some xyz column list); and some sort of shell  commands within bteq scripts.
So can you please assit me in doing it.

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