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table is not specified in the FROM clause or already aliased by another name error msg when using a variable from VT
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TPT Statement Not Working: DEFINE SCHEMA <SchemaName> FROM TABLE '<TableName>'; Topic by chandrajit.santra85 18 Jun 2014

I am trying to create one generic TPT script for data copy purpose and facing some issues with DEFINE SCHEMA syntax. Details are explained below. 
Environmental Details:
Teradata PT Version:
OS: Linux

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ASCII value of the delimiter in TPT Export Operator Topic by Arpan.Roy 1 month ago tpt, export operator, delimiter

Hi All,
Is there any way to pass ASCII value of character in TextDelimiter for TPT Export Operator? I want to export  a "TAB" delimited file. But when I'm giving tab a separator, it's taking space as delimiter. So if we can give ASCII character instead of actual character, it might produce the export file with tab as delimiter.
Below is my tpt control file:

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Need Help regarding TPT ODBC Operator Topic by Arpan.Roy 2 weeks ago tpt, ttu, DataDirect TPT ODBC Operator

Hi All,

I create one ODBC Connection entry in ODBCINI file defined in .profile. OS is RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9 (Tikanga)). TPT Version is

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BTEQ set width option Topic by sanjaythyagu 2 days ago set width, #BTEQ, # teradata



In my BTEQ statement, I'm selecting two columns of a table and I'm exporting the output to local file. When I check that file only one column is present. I even tried giving the maximum value for .set width option (65531). It was not working. Please help me on this.


Thanks in advance,


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Need help in using SQL Assistant Topic by prasanth225 5 days ago

Hi All,
Two questions-
1. Our team is connecting to DB using SQL assistant. We connect to both dev and prod. Recently one of our team member by mistake connected to prod and deleted data thinking that he is doing it in dev. We would like to avoid such human mistakes. Any ideas in this regard are much appreciated.

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Set TimeZoneString value using tdlocaledef or dbscontrol utilities Topic by chandrareddy321 5 days ago tdlocaledef TimeZoneString TimeZone

I want to set TimZone String value using the tdlocaledef utility. Current value is (got using 'dbscontrol' utility with 'display general'):
18. System TimeZone String         = Australia Eastern
I tried as below to set : 
# tdlocaledef -input sdf.txt

6766: Missing entries in SDF


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TPT: Target Database different than Working Database with LOAD operator Topic by astocks 30 Jun 2015 tpt

How can I use a different target database (not TdpId) than what I declare in WorkingDatabase?  I want the log and error tables to go to a work database, but the target table is in a different database.
For example:
Work.ExampleTable_ET = error table in Work database
Person.ExampleTable = target table in Person database

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FEXP_OPERATOR: TPT12108: Output Schema does not match data from SELECT statement Topic by tiiiway 1 week ago tpt

Any help will be much appreciated.  Thank you.
Teradata Parallel Transporter Version
Job log: /apps/tpt/Datos/TDA_DESA/Tptlogs/root-924.out
Job id is root-924, running on TDExpress1403_Sles10
Teradata Parallel Transporter Update Operator Version
MLOAD_OPERATOR_150: private log not specified

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MLOAD - UTY4014 Access module error '43' received during 'set position' operation Topic by tiiiway 6 days ago


The script is working fine until i have receive this error.

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TPT error 13 in finalizing the table schema definition(SELECTOR OPERATOR) Topic by tusharzaware1 11 Aug 2015

My Table:

show table dba_backup.customer_tbl


CREATE MULTISET TABLE dba_backup.customer_tbl ,FALLBACK ,





      custno INTEGER,


      mob BIGINT)

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TPT issue : not able to open the data file Topic by kusumayella 02 May 2011 tpt, file open error

Anybody has any info related to it.

TPT10517: At least 1 instance could not connect special sessions

I have checked in log,It has the following content

TPT01514: Error: Unable to Open File. Error code 2, Reason code 530, Class code 501

No such file or directory

file is in specified path itself and it has permissions too.


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Executing multiple TPT scripts simultaneously will yield to better perfomance? Topic by archana_2016 1 week ago

Can i execute multiple scripts with different producers(source tables) and different consumers(target files) simultaneously to get a better perfomance.
Thanks in advance

5 replies, 6 days ago
DATA_Selector: TPT15112: Column #1 in schema is too small to hold 11 bytes of data Topic by tiiiway 1 week ago tpt

HI All,
I don't know where to look at for this error in my script.  Please help.

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tdwallet not working Topic by rbarbour 1 week ago tdwallet, user, password, bteq, logon

Using tdwallet version
I can not get $tdwallet to work in any way.  The tdwallet utility works and lets me add entries and delete entries.  But, in a bteq, the value is not substituted and I get a logon error.  For ease, I created an entry u with a value of the username and p with the password. 
Use tdwallet list to show the entries are there...

1 reply, 6 days ago
Installing Teradata Administrator Topic by MeenakshiM 08 Oct 2015 teradata administrator, install

Can anyone please provide some pointers for downloading and installing Teradata Administrator in my system. 

2 replies, 1 week ago
Query Grid 15.0 to 15.10 Topic by KN 1 week ago Qrygrid 15.0 to 15.10

Hello All
Is it possible to look at system via Qrygrid where one of the 2 versions is running on 15.0 and 15.10 ?
Has anyone encountered any kind of errors when both the version varies?

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Scheduling stats manager collection jobs outside of Viewpoint? Topic by MarkJBrayshaw 1 week ago statistics, schedule

Hi, let me start by saying I love the stats managment facility in Viewpoint.  The only problem I have is in scheduling. My users are running mini batches 24X7 from Informatica and managed by Tivoli Scheduler and I've had to integrate my backups into the schedule to avoid locking/performance issues.

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Teradata connector error in datastage 8.5 Topic by arjune 30 Nov 2011


i am running a parallel job in datastage designer 8.5 to load into teradata table using BULK LOAD OPERATOR (tpt) using teradta connector.I got the following error.Pls, help me out.

ERROR:Teradata_Connector_0,0: Memory allocation failed (CC_TeraAdapter::setConnection, file CC_TeraAdapter.cpp, line 3,159)

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Better performance than fastexport Topic by archana_2016 1 week ago

I would like to know if TPT is faster than Fast export?
As we want to export 180TB data into a file system, currently through Fast eport we are achieving 1TB per day . Can I expedite the process so that I can meet my deadlines.
Thanks in advance

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fexp data doubt Topic by nishi 23 Nov 2006

Hello,I have experience with SQL but I am new to Teradata and fexp tool, I am given a task to download data from a Teradata database, I have started with a simple query like below:.LOGTABLE cmpdb.lg1;.LOGON db1/nr2876,pwd;.BEGIN EXPORT;.EXPORT OUTFILE tbl1 format text mode record;SELECT trim(transaction_dt) FROM table1;.END EXPORT;.LOGOFF;But I am getting extra characters in the beginning of each record(shown below). What is this character and how I could avoid this character in my data download? Your help will be appreciated. I have tried select statement with CAST too, but I got the same result. I also tried different varchar and integer fields with same result(extra characters in the front).^H20050907^H20050912^H20050917^H20050925^H20050923^H20050923^H20050730^H20050730^H20050730Also I just have this basic question, what tool is better to download huge data(around 30 million records each with 70 int/date/varchar fields) from Teradata, Bteq or fexp or any other tools? My query contains lot of create, insert and select statements.Thank you for your time,nishi

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How to make use of ARCMAIN utility to take DB backup. Topic by tvn 09 May 2008

I was asked to take database backup using ARCMAIN. But, not sure how to start using this utility. Expecting valuable helps from the group.thanks in advance.

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SQL Assistant 13 Explorer View doesn't show all tables Topic by Kathryn 11 Mar 2010 explorer tree tables

Teradata experts,

I use Teradata Assistant to view our SQL Server. I recently upgraded to v. 13, and I can no longer see all my tables in Explorer view, though I can still query them. It looks like Explorer View is only allowing a set number of tables (around 40).

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TPT deadlock Issue. Topic by achikan01 10 Oct 2014 #TPT

When trying to insreat into log table getting deadlock on TPT script

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TPT Export issue -- Not able to export large tables Topic by rnekkanti 1 month ago

Good morning  Gentlemen,
I am facing a weird issue while doing a TPT export on linux . I am facing this issue when I am trying to export more than 4million records(not sure of the row size) .
The same code ran fine for  fewer records (apprx ~ 3 mil) .  

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Multi Load UTY0006 Input error in the FIELD command Topic by rajudevolla 2 weeks ago #multiload, #filed error

I am trying to load a table from a file generated from fast export. I am getting below error.

UTY0006 Input error in the FIELD command at position 31: "(15)"
snippet from script 

.field IBNRSkadeestimat *FLOAT(15);
I shall post the complete script tomorrow.
Plz advise.

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