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unable to varchar(max) / nvarchar(max) data from sql server to Teradata using TPT Topic by ashk660 1 hour ago #TPT, #CLOB

Hi All,
I am loading varchar(max) / nvarchar(max) data from sql server to Teradata using TPT and data direct drivers. The trimmed length of varchar(max) column is 5356651. I am unable to load this data as data dorect drivers replaces varchar(-1) instead of varchar(max).
Any idea how I can load this data into teradata?


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SQL Assistant - View tables in the Database Explorer Topic by mferrini 5 hours ago sql assistant, tables, Database Explorer

I am able to query, but under DBC in the Database Explorer window, I do not see the list of tables.
Many thanks.

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Need to load from Table 1 to Table 2. Which utility work well here and WHY? Topic by Malleshkr 15 hours ago load, mload, tpump, fload, bteq

Need to load from Table 1 to Table 2. Which utility work well here and WHY?
Please explain the limitations and advantages against each utility.

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TDA connection Topic by Shayne 1 day ago

hi dnoeth,
it is so wired , i could use my TDA to connect my ODBC . I can't do it today;
I did like usually, open the VM, use /etc/init.d/ tpa start and then tpestate -a; bteq logon  seccessfully; finally use TDA to connect ,but i can't but  10060 WSA E TimeOut...

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Teradata SQL Assistant (SQL to highlight columns in results) Topic by krehkop 6 days ago

Does anyone know how to write code to have a column, or columns, be highligted in the result set?  Or, maybe have the font a different color...?
I can manually double-click a row header once the results are returned and the format cells window opens, from here I can highlight a column but I'd rather not have to search for that, highlight, etc.

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Oracle.Net Not under Connection Dialogue Topic by lpozen 1 week ago

I have installed Teradata Sql Assistant 15.0 and all of the other tools under TTU 15 package.
I have Windows 7 64 bit machine
I noticed that Oracle.Net was not in the connection dialogue menu under Provider.
I have ODP.Net installed for other Oracle applications.

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Number of Utility Load Slots Topic by JerryLusa 2 weeks ago

Some utility load slot questions...
1.  Are there any guidelines for the number of utility load slots a Teradata system can have?  Is there a limit?  How is it determined.
2.  How do we configure Teradata to have more or less load slots? 
3.  Exactly what is a utility load slot?  For example, is it a dedicated AWT?

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Teradata Meta Data Services Metaload Error Topic by dhvien 2 months ago meta data services, mds, Metaload, META_E_DBACCESS_ERROR, utf16, utf-16

I'm brand new to the Teradata world/forum so go easy on me!
I've been having issues with the Metaload Utility while running it with an UTF16 connection. We were able to use Metaload before when we created the MDS Views in the DBC while connecting with ASCII, but policy prefers that we avoid created the views in DBC.
Let me know if more information is needed, thanks!

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BTEQ DLL question - entry point not found Topic by gmach 1 week ago

We have a pair of Windows Server 2008R2 machines (Xeon, 4 cores; 32GB RAM each) used as an Informatica 9.6.1 PowerCenter grid, which have several Teradata tools installed. 
ETL developers complained to me that BTEQ doesn't run right in the grid so I had to shut one of the nodes down.  To test, I opened a command window on each machine and attempted to run bteq. 

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Teradata Sql Assistant 14.10 Ctrl + Tab and Ctrl Page Up & Page Down not working Topic by krehkop 2 weeks ago Ctrl + Tab, Ctrl Page Up, Ctrl Page Down

Hello.  First post...  Was recently upgraded at work, the features in the Subject: no longer work.  I looked in Tools - Settings and Tools - Customize but didn't see anything...
Thanks in advance...

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TTU 15 Installed, SQL Assistant Error Topic by robinsu 23 May 2014 ttu 15

After install TTU 15, The SQL Assistant show Error:
=== Entry Point Not Found ===
The procedure entry point __crtInitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR110.dll
OS is Windows 7.
Are you have similar experience on TTU 15? Please advise me and thanks a lot.

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<Internal Session> blocking users and causing deadlock Topic by Marcus Connolly 23 Aug 2010 internal session blocking arcmain multiload fastload deadlock

Hi there,
We are having a problem here at our site for some time and we are wondering if anybody else has had a similiar problem.
The problem is a locking issue we are having where the system deadlocks where the only remedy seems to be a database restart or by a manual job abort.

Here are some instances where it has occured:

-Arcmain acquires locks on dictionary tables triggering deadlock with any user action needing access to the same tables. The system hangs until restarted or one of the jobs holding a lock is aborted.

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TPT - source data enclosed with double quotes and delimited by pipe (|) Topic by atulgupta01 1 week ago tpt, tbuild, data enclosed with quote

I am new to Teradata. I am trying to load the data from csv file to Teradata 13.0 on VMWARE using TPT, where in columns are enclosed with double quotes (") and delimited with pipe ( | ).



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BTEQ: Nested .run file Topic by bmclare 25 Jul 2011 bteq, .run file

Does BTEQ not allow nested .run file commands? I have a BTEQ script that has .run file. The file also has .run file in it. When the script reaches the end of the nested .run file command, it steps all the way out to the bteq script, but I want it to continue with the rest of the steps from the file referred to in the first .run file command. Is this not possible?

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Fast Export issue (Kindly Help) Topic by sanjay_hyd 26 Mar 2009

Hi All Teradata gurus!!Need help regarding FAST EXPORT utility failure.Below are the log file contents:0003 .LOGTABLE ;**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Teradata Database Release: V2R.**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Teradata Database Version:**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Default character set: ASCII **** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has UDT support**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has Large Decimal support**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Maximum supported buffer size: 1M**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Data Encryption supported by RDBMS server**** 08:20:23 UTY6211 A successful connect was made to the RDBMS.**** 08:20:23 UTY6210 Logtable ' ' indicates that a restart is in progress.0004 .BEGIN EXPORT SESSIONS 8;0005 .EXPORT Outfile MODE RECORD FORMAT TEXT ;0006 ;0007 .END EXPORT ; ======================================================================== = = = FastExport Initial Phase = = = ========================================================================**** 08:20:23 UTY8700 Options in effect for this FastExport task: . Sessions: 8 session(s). . Mode: RECORD . Blocksize: 64260 bytes. . Outlimit: No limit in effect.**** 08:20:23 UTY8715 FastExport is submitting the following request: Select NULL from where (LogType = 220) and (Seq = 1) and (FExptSeq = 0);**** 08:20:23 UTY8713 RDBMS failure, 5628: Column FExptSeq not found in . ======================================================================== = = = Logoff/Disconnect = = = ========================================================================**** 08:20:23 UTY1005 Script file has been altered at line 1 prior to restart.**** 08:20:23 UTY6215 The restart log table has NOT been dropped.**** 08:20:23 UTY1009 RDBMS warning: 0, **** 08:20:23 UTY1009 RDBMS warning: 0, **** 08:20:23 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.036678 Seconds' . Start : 08:20:22 - WED MAR 25, 2009 . End : 08:20:23 - WED MAR 25, 2009 . Highest return code encountered = '12'.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Above details show that the LOG TABLE has not been dropped. But the LOG TABLE doesn't exist in the database where it is supposed to be created. I am unable to trace out the issue. Kindly help!!Thanks in advance,Sanjay.

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TPT ODBC Operator Topic by toadrw 2 months ago TPT ODBC Operator

The third party ODBC drivers which are required to stream this data are very expensive.  Please consider in a future release of TTU to allow the ODBC operator to be used with any ODBC driver even if it might be a litle slower than the third party drivers.  Thank you.

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SQL Assistant 15.00 Topic by JaimeHolland 1 week ago sql assistant, tab colour

Hi there,
When running queries in a Query Tab, I remember that in previous versions, the colour of the tab would change to indicate that a query was running, and it would change again to indicate when the query had completed.

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Teradata export file contains junk characters Topic by Tariq 11 Oct 2006

Hi,I have written the following code and I am expecting only a single date value..MAXERROR 1;.SET FORMAT ON.SET ECHOREQ OFF.EXPORT DATA FILE=${DW_OUT}/${JOB_ENV}/${SUBJECT_AREA}/lastunsuccdate.dat,open Select DATA_START_DATE From ${readDB}.DW_TM_USR_LSTG_BATCH Where BATCH_STATUS IS NULL;.EXPORT DATA FILE=${DW_OUT}/${JOB_ENV}/${SUBJECT_AREA}/lastunsuccdate.dat,close.QUIT;But my output file gives me one line of junk. When I cat there is a 0 and when I vi it I can see other characs. Does anyone know what can be done? Please refer to the outputs below. So though the query gives a date in Queryman/SQL Assistant, it writes this junk value to the file when I run it using the above code. So after each run it adds one line of junk to the output file. Please let me lastunsuccdate.dat0vi lastunsuccdate.dat^D^P0\220

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SQL Assistant Installation Error Topic by dsekar 1 week ago sql assistant, MDAC

I have Windows7 Operating System and IE verison 9. When I try to install TD SQL Asssistant, it give me this error:
MDAC 2.6 requires Microsoft IE 4.01 Service Pack 2 or later.
I have IE version 9 on my machine. Can you help?
Thanks Devi

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How can I perform the same with a TPT script ? Topic by vincent91 3 weeks ago bteq export to tpt

Hello ,


I use very often this kind of code based on bteq export and I do not know how to turn it on TPT ?

Thanks for your help

bteq << EOF
 .logon ${CNX_SRC};
 .set width 5000;
 .set titledashes off;

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Issue with my first Teradata PT Topic by Anonyme 2 weeks ago

Hi everybody,
I used the sample scripts that come with Teradata client for my first script.
What i succed to do is to create an empty table using these 2 scripts:
1*First script of configuration(jobvars1.txt):
 TargetTdpId          = 'XXX'
,TargetUserName       = 'YYYY'
,TargetUserPassword   = 'ZZZZ'
',DDLPrivateLogName    = 'ddlprivate.log'

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Data Mover Help Topic by escueta 2 weeks ago

I am new to Teradata and Data Mover. I am trying to create a Data mover job via Viewpoint and when I save it, it says that the job already exists. But I don't see it in the jobs list both from viewpoint or command line. How can I get rid of this duplication?

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TPT : ERROR using BYTE data comparison in JOBSCRIPT Topic by cadambank 2 weeks ago

I am having problem with the following script.
The table I am using is

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FastLoad parallel sessions limit. Is it overridable? Topic by Dec0de 2 weeks ago FastLoad parallel sessions limit

Many of you are already know, that Teradata has only 30 CONCURRENT Fast-Load slots awailable. In other words, it means that you can have only 30 simultanious dataflows for loading data, not more.

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