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Need Help regarding TPT ODBC Operator Topic by Arpan.Roy 1 month ago tpt, ttu, DataDirect TPT ODBC Operator

Hi All,

I create one ODBC Connection entry in ODBCINI file defined in .profile. OS is RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9 (Tikanga)). TPT Version is

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TPT Failure : Output schema mismatch - Output varies from Server to Server. Topic by srivigneshkn 3 days ago #TPT #flat file, tpt schema

Hi All, 


I am facing a strange issue with TPT script, I am trying to run TPT script against the same table in 2 different servers.


In the First Server :


1. TPT executes fine with no issues and exports data to a file.

2. The version of TPT in this server is - Teradata Parallel Transporter Version


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Need help with Conflicting Column Count in TPT Topic by philxbates 2 days ago

I have a TPT job that is getting the following errors:
TPT_INFRA: TPT02640: Error: Conflicting column count. Source column count (12) Target column count (27).
$EXPORT: TPT12108: Output Schema does not match data from SELECT statement
Job step STEP4 terminated (status 12)
Here is the script below  - it it terminating in STEP 4

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Need help with Conflicting Column Count in TPT Topic by philxbates 2 days ago

I have a TPT job that is getting the following errors:
TPT_INFRA: TPT02640: Error: Conflicting column count. Source column count (12) Target column count (27).
$EXPORT: TPT12108: Output Schema does not match data from SELECT statement
Job step STEP4 terminated (status 12)
Here is the script below  - it it terminating in STEP 4

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TPT Work/error Tables always protected (FALLBACK) ? Topic by stami27 4 days ago TPTSTREAM, WORK TABLES, fallback table

can anyone tell me if I can affect on tptstream
that the work or error  tables could be created as NO FALLBACK?
Currently in the version tptstream1500 (
the work tables are always created as FALLBACK.
We run with TD 15.00 and tptstream1500-
see image
Thanks in advance

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TPT and Windows PowerShell Topic by raestadilla 03 Dec 2014 tpt, powershell

I'm trying to run a TPT job using Windows PowerShell but I'm getting this error:

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Tdload failing with TPT02638: Error: Conflicting data length Topic by mani.atkuri 18 Mar 2016

We are trying to use tdload to export data from one system and load it to another in same job.It is throwing error like Conflicting data length for column, source column length is (16)  target column length(8). The data type for this column is decimal(30,0) on both source and target systems.

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Bteq - Maintain Audit Info Topic by tusharzaware1 26 Nov 2015


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Not able to download SQL Assistant Topic by pankaj.pandey.007 08 Jul 2015

Hello there,
I have been trying to to download SQL assistant multiple times, however, I am not able to download that and getting error message for unsuccessful downloads.  I am able to download other tools.  So, could you please advise on this?
Thank you in advance!!!

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TPT Restartability Topic by srivigneshkn 4 days ago tpt, restartability, TPT restart, checkpoint

I would like to know if there is a way in which i can disable TPT restartability, each time TPT executes i would like to run it from the beginning and it should not restart from the last checkpoint.

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TPT API C program usage Topic by archana_2016 3 weeks ago

Found this piece of code
#include "connection.h"
#include "schema.h"
#include "DMLGroup.h"
using namespace teradata::client::API;
int returnValue = 0;
char* errorMsg = NULL;
TD_ErrorType errorType;
cout << "*** Export Driver Example ***" << endl;
Connection *conn = new Connection();

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TPT Load Operator error table being loaded? Topic by lagerg 10 Nov 2010

Using the tpt load operator i received an error stating my error limit has exceeded. so when i go to look at the error tables is says the select operation is not allowed and that my error table is being loaded. How do i know what the error is if i can't see the contents of the error table? version TPT 12

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Easy Loader Skip Column in Flat File Topic by toadrw 5 days ago tdload, easy loader, skip columns

Is there a way to only load specific columns from a flat file using tdload?  Say my flat file has five columns, but I only need the last three.  Is there anyway to specify the first two columns as dummy columns or something equivalent maybe in the schema?  Thanks for your help!

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Using Geospacial Import/Export java tools Topic by rupert160 26 Apr 2013

I hope this is the right forum for this question. I am working through the Orange book(Teradata Spatial Release 13.0 Users Guide) on this and am stumped with the example code on page 25, likely because it's been a while since I've done java on a windows system...

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Usage of GetRow method in TPT API for exporting table data into csv Topic by archana_2016 1 week ago

By using Getrow method to export data into a file, resulted in no data in the csv file even though ther is data in the table.
Is there any issue in the format that has to be mentioned while exporting into csv from table data?
Documentation says that getrow and putrow supports indicator mode of format is this the cause for empty file?

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TDCH-TPT Interface Topic by 1 week ago #TPT #flat file, TDCH-TPT

Hey Guys,

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Problems with multibyte tdload / TPT19134 !ERROR! Topic by rododendron 1 week ago tdload, multibyte
[1] $FILE_READER[1]: TPT19134 !ERROR! Fatal data error processing file 'input_import.csv'. Delimited Data Parsing error: Invalid multi-byte character in row 221, col 1.

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Macro problem in SQL Assistant 13.0 Topic by lucasfilm 26 Apr 2010

I tried out the Macro possibilities inside SQL Assistant. Unfortunately I saved it to the Letter "A". So now the Macro is run everey time I hit this character... Does anyone know how to delete a recorded Macro inside SQL Assistant?

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Downloading Previous versions of Teradata Studio Topic by myosko1 1 week ago

Is there a place where previous versions of Teradata Studio can be downloaded? I am looking for a version 14.?? instead of the current version 15.

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TPT Data Connector Error reading JSON Topic by babar.sattar 26 Apr 2015 JSON, teradata v15, tpt, data connector operator

I have been unable to read JSON data from a flat file into Teradata v15. Here is my setup.

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Can TPT be used to load file with 10M records of 3500 attributes ??? Topic by raghavan.tce 1 week ago TPT Max columns, huge file processing, TPT Loader

Hi, I have a pipe delimited file with 3500 attributes each of length varying between 2-5 and max length of the file records is 6500. No. of records is about 10Million and file will be landed to unix server. Below are my queries :
a.  Is TPT best tool for loading such a huge file ?

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TPT attributes SkipRows and SkipRowsEveryFile Topic by sneha.g 2 weeks ago tpt, teradata, teradata parallel transporter, TPT attributes, skiprows, Skip Rows, SkipRowsEveryFile, Skip Rows Every File, skip header

If TPT Attributes INTEGER SkipRows = 1 and Varchar SkipRowsEveryFile = 'N' (There are more than 1 file), how will the loader know, for which file the row is to be skipped? How will the loader behave if it faces such scenario?

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TD utilities and JAVA. Topic by mayanktiwari 30 Apr 2013

Hi All,
I am developing a code on Core JAVA. But I dont know how to Execute the code with the help of the TD Utilities on UNIX.
Is there any facility/add-in provided by TD by we can do this.
Please respond back if anybody knows about it.
Thanks & Regards,

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Arcmain Topic by qasim 1 week ago

Hi All,
 Kindly anyone can advise me from where and how to install Arcmain?

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BTEQ Import Latest Flat File Topic by International83 2 weeks ago

Hello experts,

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