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fastload error "not enough fields in vartext data record number". Topic by Rohit Ranjan 1 week ago

I am getting fastload error "not enough fields in vartext data record number".
Below is the script

LOGON userid/password;

drop table abc;

drop table abc_err;

drop table abc_err1;

create table abc

(emp_no int

,dept_no smallint

,last_nm varchar(20)

,first_nm varchar(20)

,sal decimal(15,2)

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Teradata Sql Assistant: 10060 WSA E TimedOut: No Response received when attempting to connect to Teradata Server Topic by oruganti 1 month ago 10060, Network Adapter, vmserver connectivity

Hi All,
I am receiving this error when i am trying to connect to teradata server (VMWARE - Teradata 14 Sles10) throug sql assistant  as "10060 WSA E TimedOut: No Response received when attempting to connect to Teradata Server".
I have gone through the forum and tried various options, still not able to resolve this. Your help would be appreciated.
Options tried:

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OleLoad vs Win 2003 Topic by giotac 2 days ago

Hi all,
running OleLoad.exe ( on Windows 2003 32 bit I get the following error :
C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\15.00\bin\OleLoad.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
Why? It's certified Windows 2003 o.s. versus TTU 15.00 ?
This is the list of istalled tools :
Version                 Display Name

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Loading a teradata table using multiple files sample script Topic by ashish_krs2008 13 Jul 2013

Hi All,
 Can anyone please provide me sample  a tpt script or mload script  which can load data from multiple flat files into a teradata table and a sample script to upsert,insert a teradata table from a staging table.

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Loading using Teradata Parallel Transporter Load utility. Topic by varshajoshi 21 May 2012 teradata parallel transporter (tpt loading)


I am working on parameterizing the TPTLOAD job script that loads a target table in teradata.I have a schema file where the target table schema has been defined. I now want to pass the schema file name to the TPTLOAD job script dynamically i.e as a parameter as a part of the tbuild command.

For instance we have the TPTLOAD job script as

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TPT10508: RDBMS error 3707: expected some thing bet 'UDFCALLNAME' keyword between the 'USING' keyword and the 'DELETE' keyword. Topic by chk32 3 days ago #Error 3707, tpt, using and delete

Hi All,
I am facing with the below TPT error. I am not sure where to correct the code.


**** 18:42:33 TPT10508: RDBMS error 3707: Syntax error, expected something like a name or a Unicode delimited identifier or an 'UDFCALLNAME' keyword between the 'USING' keyword and the 'DELETE' keyword.

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mload error - glibc detected *** mload: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x08171308 Topic by vuyyuru 1 week ago

when i execute the mload script through informatica  i am getting the following error message.
MDM DNB Mload Address,Principal,Events tables
     =                                                                      =

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TTU 15 Installed, SQL Assistant Error Topic by robinsu 23 May 2014 ttu 15

After install TTU 15, The SQL Assistant show Error:
=== Entry Point Not Found ===
The procedure entry point __crtInitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR110.dll
OS is Windows 7.
Are you have similar experience on TTU 15? Please advise me and thanks a lot.

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TPT Load errors, exit code Topic by JaimeHolland 1 week ago

Hi, hopefully an easy to answer question; currently TPT is exiting with a status code of 0 even if rows have been sent to one of the error tables during loading.  Can I get TPT to return a non-zero return code in this case, as otherwise the fact that there are errors could be missed.  

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The source parcel length does not match data that was defined. Topic by tusharzaware1 4 days ago

First I had exported delimited file:


Export Script:


.width 254

.export file = 'C:/TD/Export/Exp_delimited_file' LIMIT=1000

sel EMPNO||','||EMPNAME||','||Salary||','||DOB||','||Job_Title||','||DEPTNO from dba_backup.emp_b;

.export reset



Sample O/P:


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Mload Error. Load was terminated by signal 1073741819 Topic by alisonshu 1 week ago mload

No idea why Mload failed in initial phase.  Could anyone help?
2015-08-19 05:03:03.675000 :Starting job  jira_issue_test

2015-08-19 05:03:03.675000 :Loading conf file  C:\workspace\DIS\DISMetrics\conf\jira\sql1.mld using  mload



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TPT NPAM reading named pipe ,not ending. Please help urg!! Topic by mauricio.rodriguez 1 week ago tpt npam np_axsmod named pipe

Hello, please need help urgently with this problem!!
I have a TPT update reading from a named pipe using np_axsmod
the first tests were made manually, that is we had a file, then created a pipe and sent the data trough the pipe, and the tpt update reads the data ok.

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BTEQ Export - suppress column names Topic by Rahulraj1981 5 days ago

Hi All,
Can someone please help.
I am using BTEQ export (report mode) to get the sum of 4 different products. I want to suppress the column names. tried the below options :
1) used Data mode - the values are not readable but I have to compare the sum using unix script

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TPT Script - Not all records loaded from a file with SkipRowsEveryFile option Topic by manharrishi 1 week ago tpt

I am trying to load a file which has 2181224338 records to a Teradata table using TPT Script. The Data Connector attributes are as below and I am using LOAD operator. Version of TTU is






VARCHAR FileName            = 'Transactions.txt',

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Fastload Script without Drop and Create table Topic by Vinay151 1 week ago

In our fastload script, actually we are dropping the Table and again creating it.
Sample :
.logon tdpid/tduser,tdpassword
Drop table dbname.tblname
Drop table dbname.errtblname1
Drop table dbname.errtblname2
Create table dbname.tblname

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TPUMP ERROR Topic by tusharzaware1 1 week ago

Hello All,
My Script:

.LOGTABLE samples.errors;



.begin load sessions 8;


.layout Emp_TBL;

.FIELD empno * integer key;

.FIELD empname * varchar(10);

.FIELD mob * bigint;

.FIELD doj * date;

.FIELD Deptno * integer;



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Manage fallback files Topic by pranithb 1 week ago npam, fallback file


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Load file Topic by soni.karn 1 week ago

I am new to teradata and I am trying to load a large file (16GB) into a table using fastload. I only have this message in the execution:
'Empty file on read open:'
What could be the reason?

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Installing the TTU 14.10 on windows Topic by bugmenot 26 Aug 2013

Dear All,

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Error 1311 : Source file not found error while trying to install SQL Assistant 14.10 Topic by Sharath_007 1 week ago

I am trying to install X86 version of SQL Assistant version 14.10 on a 64 bit OS - windows 7 and i am getting an error stating "Error 1311. Source file not found: C:\Users\User Name\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\wzaf61\TTUExpress\x86\SQL Assistant\Data1.Cab. Verify that the file exists and you can access it."

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TPT Export Assistance Topic by BullDurham_Teradata 1 week ago

I am attempting to extract pipe delimited data from Teradata Express using TPT.  I am using TPT version
My output gives me fully padded output (with a lot of whitespace). Also, I am getting a 2 digit year. I have tried changing the SCHEMA but it either gives me an error or makes no difference on the output. Any assistance would be helpful.

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TPT - Delimited Data Parsing error: Invalid multi-byte character Topic by Gupta_Pieeater 19 Mar 2015 tpt multibyte load multi-byte

I am developing a TPT load (Unix envirnoment) for a data file (with UTF-8 encoding) to populate a Teradata table with columns defined as VARCHAR() CHARACTER SET UNICODE. One character in the data file is causing my load to fail. If I remove this character the load completes successfully.

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SQL Assistant Error Topic by ayesh 1 week ago

I downloaded latest TTU package available at Teradata developers with TTU version 15 and release date March 14th 2014, SQL assistant part of this package doesn't recognize drop statements of any kind and marks them as query invalid, is this a bug? if yes then which version should i install?

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Fastload Error Topic by Rohit Ranjan 1 week ago
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Importing with BTEQ Topic by duwest73 04 May 2006

I'm having a problem using BTEQ to import some rows into a table.I have two bteq scripts, very basic: one exports a table to a flat file, the other imports the data right back from the flat file.My problem arises with trying to import a row which has a timestamps with a null value. Rows with a null timestamp cause a "6760 Invalid timestamp." error. Both scripts have the statement ".SET NULL AS '?'" at the top of them.I see Multiload has a NULLIF command, so you can say "NULLIF col01= ''". That's exactly what i want to do, except in BTEQ. Is there a way to do this?In addition, using FastLoad/FastExport is not an option; this must be done with BTEQ.Thanks for any advice; this is very frustrating.

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