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SQL Assistant 15.00 Cursor lagging problems Topic by stanley20924 11 Jan 2016 #database #teradata #TTU #SQLAssistant


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HELP cannot display long field names Topic by auatospw 1 day ago

Does anyone know how to let HELP in SQL Assistant to display field names longer than 30 char?
I use Teradata 15 so the field names can be up to 128 chars long. However when I use HELP to list the fields the long field names are all truncated to 30 chars.

2 replies, 12 hours ago
Queries for Teradata Fast Export Utility Topic by indra91 12 hours ago

We need to offload huge volume of data from a Teradata table to a network attached filesystem using the FastExport Utility.

The database will be a standalone server while the Fastexport script will be executed from the edge node of a hadoop cluster.

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Need Help regarding TPT ODBC Operator Topic by Arpan.Roy 2 months ago tpt, ttu, DataDirect TPT ODBC Operator

Hi All,

I create one ODBC Connection entry in ODBCINI file defined in .profile. OS is RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9 (Tikanga)). TPT Version is

30 replies, 1 day ago
Delimiter issue in Fastload Topic by sravana 2 days ago

Hi All,
when I was loading CSV file into staging table by using Fastload getting below issue
In my script delimiter is "," but few fields in CSV file was having comma (,) is a part of the data since data was not loading respective columns in table.
Data available in CSV file is as mentioned below
"101","narsi", 1000

2 replies, 1 day ago
not Sign Delimiter issue in Fastload Topic by sravana 2 days ago

Hi All,
In my flat file delimiter is “¬". This file I need to run in UTF8 format.
Can any one of you guide me how to run fastload script in UTF8 form in windows command prompt?

1 reply, 2 days ago
Export with header using TPT Topic by srivigneshkn 3 days ago column header, tpt export, table header

I am using TPT export for doing data export from TD to a file and want to include column headers to the generated file.
I would like to know if there are any attributes that is included with newer version of tpt that we can use for this., I am using TPT version 14.10
Srivignesh KN

2 replies, 2 days ago
Ctrl-A delimiter with TPT Export. Topic by srivigneshkn 3 days ago

I want to use CTRL-A as delimiter for TPT exports, I would like to know how to specify this in the TPT script.
Thanks & Regards,
Srivignesh KN

2 replies, 3 days ago
TPT 15.10 ODBC Operator : Bundled DataDirect Drivers ! Topic by Willimoa 28 Sep 2015 DataDirect TPT ODBC Operator

Just so everyone knows:
A topic that has come up several times with the TPT ODBC Operator is that some of us (including me - dev only!) have used the non-supported ODBC drivers.  

2 replies, 3 days ago
Upload files .dat in Teradata Topic by Valeria 17 Feb 2016

Hello ,
I have a question concerning the upload of files in Teradata.
Is it possible to upload in files .dat in Teradata? Files .dat are files with fixed record lengths, without tab or any other coloumn delimiter.
Thank you and best regards,

7 replies, 4 days ago
can not download presto JDBC/ODBC client package Topic by hanx5520 4 days ago

Hi, I cannot download client package from the following link, I can only download a 6 byte file. Can somebody help me? Thank you in advance.

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SQL Error highlighting w/.Net connector not working (SQL Assistant v15) Topic by srjilek 4 days ago #TTU #SQLAssistant

I've got 2 installs of SQL Assistant, and neither are highlighting the error line when running queries, and I'm using the .Net connector.  One of them is the latest version, and a clean install on a new PC.


A coworker has his working and he's on v14 or v15 I beleive.  Is there some setting that I should check to enable this feature?



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Installing Teradata ODBC on AIX Topic by jmooney 6 days ago AIX ODBC

I am in need of installing Teradata ODBC on AIX 7.1.
I have downloaded the AIX Teradata ODBC file.  According to it's read file:

1 reply, 5 days ago
Determine #sessions to set for load / exp jobs Topic by KN 1 week ago #Sessions

Hello Gurus
Is there a rule of thumb that one should follow for determining the number sessions that should be set for a load or fexp jobs?
Suppose if my system is a 4 node system with 40amps/node , what would be the best practice?

5 replies, 6 days ago
TPT - Scripting Topic by KN 1 week ago TPT#Scripting

Hello Folks
I have a requirement to move 90 tables totalling up to 200 GB from one Teradata system to an another Teradata system.. While i know there are different options i plan to use TPT to move them..All the column data has to be moved..

7 replies, 6 days ago
Float data type export using Fast Export Topic by indra91 1 week ago

Hello everyone,
I am trying to export a table with float data type using FastExport utility.As we know Teradata rounds-off any float values where number of digit is greater than 15. For instance  1231231231234585.1111 will be stored as 1,231,231,231,234,590.00.

2 replies, 6 days ago
Zero records are fetching when using where statement in TPT Topic by venkata_k01 2 weeks ago

 I am giving the below select statement in job variable file but eventhough there are around 2K records present in the source table, when i am doing the data copy from source to target table using tdload , its not fetching any records.
 SelectStmt='SELECT * FROM SOURCEDB.SOURCETABLE WHERE ROW_EFF_DT >= ''2016-07-10'' AND ROW_EFF_DT <=''2016-07-12'''

14 replies, 1 week ago
TPT Export vs Fast Export Topic by indra91 2 weeks ago

I need to ingest huge volume of data from Teradata systems to flat files in Unix System.I would to know if TPT would provide better performance over Fast Export utility and also whether TPT Export operator would offer any advantage/disadvantage compared to Fast Export?

6 replies, 1 week ago
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FOR EACH clause in Teratada SQL Topic by rmrossi 1 week ago

I have the statment below:












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In List Blues - How to make large In List Queries More Efficient Topic by JustinS 1 week ago bteq, business objects, In List

I work for a bit company with a lot of Business Objects users. One of our most popular universes points to a Teradata environment. This universe is by far our best BI resource. It has a ton of data and it delivers it to the users lightning fast. However, some of our users like to utilize a prompt that allows them to input a tremendous amount of data as an "in list" where clause.

4 replies, 1 week ago
TDCH-TPT Interface--For loading into Hadoop Topic by indra91 1 week ago

I need to ingest volume of data from Teradata to Hadoop using TPT.I saw in the TPT documentation that we can achieve this using TDCH-TPT interface.I would like to know the following about the process:

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Encryted Password File for FastExport Topic by indra91 2 weeks ago

I wanted to know if there is a way to store the .logon  username/Password in a separate File and include it while calling the Fastexport script.Also is there any option to encrypt the password file which can be read only by the Fastexport script?I tried to set the DataEncryption option to ON but could not find  any difference in the log.?

11 replies, 1 week ago
TPT read fixed file and convert space to null value Topic by rou_oli 1 week ago

i search a TPT syntax but i'm not sure if it's possible.
i have an input fixed file's. Two columns as a varchar(15) and a varchar(8) and the second column can contain 8 space caracter wich convert it as null value.
In the block SCHEMA or OPERATOR, is it possible to define the conversion or is it only possible to the APPLY statement with case when syntax ?

2 replies, 1 week ago
Error creating .genuine_TTU file on Ubuntu system Topic by beargiles 2 weeks ago ubuntu, .genuine_TTU

I'm trying to install the (Redhat) RPM files on my Ubuntu system. I tried using 'alien' to convert the .rpm to .deb files but, inexplicably, it refuses to convert a i386 package on a x64 platform. No matter - I can convert it to a .tgz file and install it manually.

1 reply, 2 weeks ago