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TPT in Red Hat Linux - Dumping core Topic by srikanthTD 5 days ago

A Simple TPT Script (having simple SELECT from a table and writing into a file) is dumping Segmentation CORE fault.
The Same Program is working fine when we tried with ROOT user.
After spending long time with CORE dump, we have tried adding our application id into /etc/passwd.
The TPT worked fine and there was no CORE dump.

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TPT load failure - Please suggest Topic by tddev1984 1 month ago

Dear Experts,
We are facing a failure during loading a file into a table using TPT utility. We loaded files a lot of times successfully but this time, its a very huge file (>100 GB) probably causing the issue.
Errror Observed :
FILE_READER: TPT19350 I/O error on file '/dev/aps/file123.dat.
FILE_READER: TPT19417 pmRead failed. Buffer overflow (17)

15 replies, 2 days ago
TPT : Suppress or Redirect stdout/stderr logs Topic by taruntrehan 3 days ago tpt, tpt stdout, tpt stderr, tpt log redirect

I am using TPT to load an extract. The job is running fine but it prints a lot of statements to the stdout of unix.
Example :

6 replies, 2 days ago
Issues with loading date field using BTEQ script Topic by pkdash83 4 days ago bteq, fast load

Hi Guys,
I'm pretty new to BTEQ script. I was trying to load a table which has a date column but it's not being inserted properly.
I'm using the below code, this loads the data but the date column loads a s a float and not as a date field.
I've tried changing the date field to varchar and date format both in the script and table but it doesn't load it.

1 reply, 4 days ago
SQL Assistant key not found error Topic by EdSteck0717 1 week ago

I am currently using SQL Assistant version installed on a MS Windows 7 client and am receiving the following error dialog:
Key Not Found Parameter Name: key
Unexpected Error. Refer to the following file for details:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Teradata\SQL Assistant\SQLAError.txt

2 replies, 5 days ago
TPT 14.10 problems loading data from SQL Server using TPT Wizard Topic by WB255000 6 days ago TPT 14.10

Recently I made an version upgrade to TTU 14.10 but I'm having some problems that I didn't have in 13.10.
I tried to use the TPT Wizard to create a load Job to retrieve data from "SQL Server", but the Log File says that no rows are exported. That is weird because If I submit the SQL in the source, It returns data.

1 reply, 5 days ago
TPT log file location Topic by stevehager 6 days ago TPT ; private log;

I've been running TPT on one (SLES-based) server for quite some time.  I decided to move some existing (running) scripts to a new (SLES-based) server, but TPT fails with:

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Issues with TPT when escape character comes in the data Topic by abhipsa_beuria 1 week ago

I am using TPT to export data. I am using delimiter as |  and escapetextdelimiter as \ . Also I have arequirement to replace \ with \\ when \ comes in data. So I tried using oreplace function in my view. After using that any row which has \ in the data the next delimiters got missed.

2 replies, 1 week ago
bteq export and import for _ET dataparcel Topic by tdurbin 20 Feb 2012 bteq, export, export/import, _et

Hi,  I'm new to Teradata and need to do the following:

I'm on a Unix system, using verision 13.0. 

We're inserting data into the "Stage" table from a delimited text file (bell is the delimeter \007)

1.  export the dataparcel field from the _ET table to a file  (delimited text if possible)

2.  fix the contents of the file

23 replies, 1 week ago
Help with metadata services Topic by DHbrmtnz 1 week ago



In the company we recently used the tool "metabrowse" to upload data to MDS, but by mistake remove a class within the tool "metabrowse" we have the support of the repository,

 but I require to know if using the backup repository, we can see class eliminated again within tool "metabrowse". thank you

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Informatica 9.1 with Teradata V14 using TTU 13 Topic by rychitre 1 week ago

Does Informatica 9.1 works with Teradata V14 using TTU 13? Has anyone have similar architecture?

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Scroll Bars in SQL Assistant 15.0 Topic by levinra 1 month ago

How do I change the appearance of the scroll bars in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0?  There's nothing for me to grab, just a solid line.  I don't remember it looking like that when I installed it, so I must have accidentally altered their appearance, but I don't know how to put it back.

1 reply, 1 week ago
TPT - LOAD TWO FIELDS IN ONE COLUMN (concatenate) Topic by dreis 2 weeks ago tpt load, two fields one column, concatenate

Hi everyone,
I need to load a column that is a concatenation from two fields of a file. One field is a date other is time type. I would like to load both resulting in a timestamp field but i wanted to do it during the tpt load. Is it possible? How can i concatenate two fields in the insert statetment?

3 replies, 1 week ago
Fastload Problem: Invalid Fastload Statement Topic by tdfan 1 week ago

Hi Guys,


Need your help to figure out where the problem is.


Thanks in advance!



**** 18:33:38 Teradata Database Release:

**** 18:33:38 Teradata Database Version:

**** 18:33:38 Number of AMPs available: 180

**** 18:33:38 Current CLI or RDBMS allows maximum row size: 64K

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Unity Datamover standalone to update standby database Topic by mt186042 1 week ago

Standby Teradata Database,
I was recently commissioned by a client in Australia to do the high level design for their DR standby database.  The main requirement was to use Datamover in standalone mode.  
I found out later that the method we came up with to do this job was very similar to another job that had been done in the US.

3 replies, 1 week ago
TTU 15.0 Topic by raj_tddba 1 week ago TTU 15.0

Hi guys,
I have installed TTU 15.0 on my machine connection to TD DB 14.10. when i am using sql assistant to connect with database its hanging and its for very log period.
Is this bug? i have not seen this issue in existing TTU version except TTU 15?
Any insight?
Thanks, - Raj

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Trying to import data into my table Topic by tmcrouse 1 week ago

I have a csv file and I am trying to import the data into my table and it says invalid query. I am very new to Teradata.
Here is my code:
.import data file=c:\users\ad36742\documents\communication.csv,skip=3
.quiet on
.repeat *
using comm_id(integer),
comm_type varchar(50)
insert into dl_qpt_cqe.communcation

2 replies, 1 week ago
Studio Express installer can't find java Topic by ronnotel 20 Aug 2013

I'm installing Studio Express nt-x8664 on Windows 7 (64bit). In a command window, "java -version" returns "java version 1.7.0_25".

4 replies, 1 week ago
SQL Assistant error? "Submit only the selected query text, when highlighted" not working Topic by BkAZ 2 weeks ago sql assistant, highlight

(version 14.10 of SQL Assistant)
Is there a bug with this option?
Tools, Options, Query: "Submit only the selected query text, when highlighted" 
If I have a line with -- at beginning (standard SQL comment syntax since always) and I highlight ONLY the text following the -- characters, it will not execute ONLY the highlighted text (error is "Query is invalid").

1 reply, 2 weeks ago

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            the click through agreement that brought you to this
            LICENSE AGREEMENT), including the restriction that this
            evaluation copy is not for production use.
TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10:~ # bteq
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SQL Assistant - History window no available Topic by WB255000 26 Sep 2013 sql assistant, History error, History window

We've installed the "SQL Assistant", but when we want to view the history window this is disabled.
Some web sites told us we need to run the AccessDataBaseEngine.exe and we did it, but It didn't work.
Could you help us with this?

1 reply, 2 weeks ago
Download TTU v 13.10 Topic by rychitre 3 weeks ago

From where I can download TTU v 13.10? I see only TTU v 15 available to download?

1 reply, 2 weeks ago
Question on Failed TPT Load Topic by islanderman 2 weeks ago

If a TPT load fails and the restart is not working can someone tell me what has to be done to get the load to start over again.  I know that I have to drop the load table and the tables with the extentions _ET and _UV.  I believe there is a lock file placed somewhere, but can someone clarify that?

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Speed up imports in BTEQ or SQL Assistant Topic by Crow.King 01 Feb 2012 bteq, sql assistant, import, slow, upload

When using BTEQ or SQL Assitant to upload data into tables, I'm only getting about 2 records per second speed. Unfortunately, I don't have access to Fastload. I know its not the network as my down speed is blazing and Oracle is uploading normally. All of the files are in pipe delimited text and I've tried a few variations, but the speed doesn't change.

11 replies, 2 weeks ago
FASTLOAD ERROR Topic by zeesh49 2 weeks ago #Fastload

Dear All,
I am trying to fload a flat file, the file contains 44 columns (44 'Û' delimiters). 
Following is the sample header and data rows (header is removed from the actual file being loaded):


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