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Teradata_new 12 posts Joined 06/09
21 Aug 2009
union, minus, intersect

hi forum guru,could you please explain how does processing of union, minus, intersect differ from join operations or sub query operation in terms of spool usage, transient journal implementation, execution time. could u plz explain how does the internal processing of set operators differ from join operators like for ex join operatro and sub query operator uses merge join, product join, nested join, hash join internally. could u plz explain how internal processing for union, minus, intersect goes about.plz guide us in which scenarios set operator will out perform join operator.any help on this topic is highly appreciated.Regards,Prakhar Agarwal

prakhar 101 posts Joined 05/08
25 Aug 2009

Hi Forum Beings,Pls reply ....already 4 days gone since last post.

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
25 Aug 2009

You might try asking a more specific question.

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