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11 Sep 2012
Oracle UDF Functions on Version 13.10 and upgrade to Teradata Version 14



I am working on a project where some SQL generated by a client application has to be run against both an Oracle and Teradata database.


We are currently working on Teradata 13.10 database. So, I have installed the Oracle UDF functions available for download from the Terdata website.

I assume the ones available for download are the latest available?


This will allow both queries to use functions such as trunc and to_date.


However, we may soon be upgrading to Teradata 14. I have heard somewhere that the Oracle functions will be available "out of the box" in version 14.


Is this the case? Does anyone know what will happen if you upgrade from 13.10 to 14 with the UDF's already installed?

Will the earlier UDF functions be overwritten by the new ones available in version 14 (I am assuming here that the Oracle functions in Version 14 are just UDF's shipped as standard under the SYSLIB user).


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