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04 Nov 2006
DBS Control...

Hi AllCan any body reply on the following questionsWhat is the DBS control and How and what kind of information it is keeping...?Thanks in Advance....

01 Mar 2007

Use DBS Control to perform the following:• Display the values of the DBS Control Record fields• Modify the values of the writable DBS Control Record fieldsThe DBS Control Record stores various fields used by the Teradata Database for the following:• Debugging/diagnostic purposes• Establishing known global system values• Performance tuningThe DBS Control Record fields are grouped logically based on their use by the Teradata Database, into 4 types.1. General used for various purposes throughout the Teradata Database.2. File System of specific interest to the Teradata Database file system.3. Performance of specific interest to the Teradata Database performance features.4. Checksum used to set and to define the meanings of the checksum levels based on specific table types.After starting DBSCONTROL and typing display u can see all these.Check the TD Manual Utilities for more details.

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a_collado 4 posts Joined 11/11
22 Nov 2011

hello, newbie here. i would like to ask how can i invoke dbscontrol from the test VM installation (TD1310_40GB)..


is there a way from BTEQ to show all parameters (i.e "show parameter <param string>") in Oracle

a_collado 4 posts Joined 11/11
23 Nov 2011

got the basics out of it.. continuing to explore further:

s10-1310:/tmp # /usr/tdbms/bin/dbscontrol

    |                                |              |
    |    ___     __     ____         |    ____    __|__    ____
    |   /      |/  \    ____|    ____|    ____|     |      ____|
    |   ---    |       /    |   /    |   /    |     |     /    |
    |   \___   |       \____|   \____|   \____|     |__   \____|

    Release Version
    DBSControl Utility (Dec 99)

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