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Topics related to the Teradata Database, excluding database connectivity (e.g. JDBC) and extensibility (e.g. UDFs) . Typical topics are about SQL syntax and usage (SELECT, GROUP BY etc), database performance, use of database functions, comparison with / migration from Oracle or DB2, and generally why the Teradata Database rocks. For articles, blogs and more, see the Database section of the site.

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Is there any debugger option in Teradata Studio. Topic by Vinodraj 3 days ago debugger

Hi Everyone,
I am interested in debugging SP of my DB instance. Is there any debugger option availble in Teradata Studio 14.2.0 ?
If the debugger option is not availble TD Studio, is there any other way I can follow for tracing the procedure.

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Using MERGE into a table with an identity column. Result: Failure 5758 Topic by boxerdog 24 Sep 2012 identity, merge, 5758

Hello all,
I would like to point out what I think is a bug and solicit ideas for a way to make this work.
I have a stage table and I want to merge it into a table with a surrogate key.  I want auto-generate the surrogate key on insert and I only want to update records that need updating.

4 replies, 8 hours ago
Stats Collection after upgrade to TD14.10 Topic by Kishore_1 12 hours ago stats collection

We have stats collected on certain tables in TD 3.10.After upgrade to TD 14.10 , the stats are reportedly missing.I am aware that in TD 14.10, the stats collection is taken care by DBC.StatsTbl.Is it that we have to freshly define and collect the stats on the tables  in TD 14.10, or the existing stats will be migrated to the new stats table as a part of upgradation process to TD 14.10?

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Teradata Reports are running very slow Topic by Teradata_User1 14 hours ago

Hello Experts,
Need urgent help !!!!!
In our Teradata database environment, reports are running very slow and business is impacting for the same.

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String Search in Teradata CLOB Topic by jupitarmn 08 Jul 2013

Would you please anybody help me answering
How to perform a string search in Teradata CLOB clumns?
Thanks a lot for your help!!

1 reply, 15 hours ago
How to check what values are passed to procedure call from qrylog table ? Topic by Vinodraj 21 hours ago debugger

This is regarding, how do I find values passed in the stored procedure call from qrylog table.
From dbc.qrylog, I could see all the procedure names made through TD. However, I could not see values passed to the procedure. In the QueryText field from qrylog, I see the values as a question mark instead of values.
Call MyPROC(?, ?, ?)

1 reply, 17 hours ago
Revoke access based on user and app Topic by chillerm 1 day ago TASM access right viewpoint

Hello all,

1 reply, 17 hours ago
Error 3706 while creating TRANSACTIONTIME Temporal Table Topic by mjasrotia 08 Feb 2012

I am facing some error while creating a TRANSACTIONTIME Temporal Table. I am not sure if that requires some settings at the back end by the DBAs.



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Impact of using a compressed column in any join or predicate clause in a query Topic by ppad001 3 days ago compression in teradata, mvc, compress

Hi All,
I would like to know If there would be any impact of I/O if we perform any join operations or filter operations on the compressed column considering compression property is majorly a space saving technique.
Hope I made myself clear.

3 replies, 1 day ago
Concatenating texts while summarizing data Topic by lahiri.arijit 3 days ago

Hi, I have a dataset of the following form:


mem ofr sales

1       Z      3

1       A      5

2       B      4

2       C      2


I want to summarize the data for each member which will have total sales and concatenated values of offers they have received.

The output should look like:


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drop stat not working in TD 14.10 Topic by Ashoktera 1 day ago Drop Stats, statistic change in 14.10

I have tried drop stats statement in TD 14.10. It is throwing an error "query invalid". The same worked in TD 14.0.  Is there any thing changed in 14.10 regarding statistic statment ?
Ex: Drop stats on tablname column (colname);

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UDFs and Granting of Access Rights Topic by Kishore_1 4 days ago udf, Execute Function

1)There are certain UDFs cretaed in my Prod Teradata system.I am trying to grant "EXECUTE FUNCTION" on the UDFs to users.

3 replies, 1 day ago
Random sampling - ORDER BY HASHROW versus ORDER BY NULL Topic by dglancy 3 days ago dynamic random sample, order by hashrow

I'm developing a query to return a pseudo-random sample with the following characteristics:
- The number of LOC_ID records returned in the sample should be proportional to the percent of that LOC_ID overall (for the specified date range)
- The returned records should be unique
- It should return different records each time it runs

3 replies, 1 day ago
Blank space check based on the position Topic by ravimans 1 week ago

I am having one column where it can have position 3-5 as blank. It can be as position 3 as blank or position 4-5 as blank.
I tried using substr(colname, 5, 1) = ' ' but it's not working correctly. Any suggestions? Also i am checking isnumeric as between '0000' and '9999'. Then alphabets as betweem 'A' and 'Z'. Please let me know is this correct or not?

8 replies, 1 day ago
Correct usage of Teradata Topic by tmcrouse 3 days ago

I believe the migration from Access backend and frontend to Teradata Data Labs was not the right path to take with this project. I believe the DBA's misunderstood our intended use.

1 reply, 3 days ago
I want to separate the full name in two parts Topic by nileshbhaw 17 Jul 2013

Hi Experts,
I have to divide the full name in two parts and insert them into two diffrent columns and starting char of First name and last name should be on uppar case and rest of them should be in lower case , please provide me sql query for this problem
First_Name                     Second_Name

7 replies, 3 days ago
Declare and Set then Open and Fetch Topic by comptrtoy1 3 days ago

If I understand correctly, I am trying to convert a Declare, Set then Open and Fetch. I need to do this in a SP? If so does anyone have an example of using all of these in one SP?
I need to create the table
Declare the values
Set the values
Declare the cursor as Select * from table

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Sorting the table in ascending order Topic by tmcrouse 3 days ago

I created my tables in Teradata mirgrating from Access and the more I dig into this the more I really do not like Teradata. I have researched my ascending because in Access I have PK's and they are ascending and for example my Data Entry form when the end-user see's the list of items they see row 1 has QID 1 and the following columns for that specific record.

2 replies, 3 days ago
Top n Function Topic by newton1965 2 months ago top

Every time I select the Top 10 rows of a table I get different results.  I thought the Top function return the exact order that the records were stored in the database table.  I have a data issue I'm attempting to pin down but dont know which record it is and its not helpingif the result are continuously changing.  Is there a better way?

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regexp_replace woes Topic by jnevill 01 Nov 2013 regex, regexp_replace, replace, translate, omgwtfbbq

I want to replace all of the whitespace and non alphanumeric characters in a string. It seems like some form of the following should work:

6 replies, 3 days ago
Facing issue in Sybase to Teradata migration stored procs Topic by Srichakra 6 days ago

Hi Team,
             Currently I am working on a project like migrating from Sybase to Teradata.While converting strored procs to teradata I came across few new functionalities in SYBASE.I did google in many places but no use,So finally I am posting the functionalities here as follows

2 replies, 3 days ago
USLARE in Teradata Topic by meetramji 3 days ago USLARE

Hi All,
I was going through an Teradata exam and came across a word USLARE and why it is used in Teradata? I do not have any idea on this keyword in Teradata. Could anyone explain, if they know about Uslare.

2 replies, 3 days ago
SQL statement wanted Topic by HelmutR 4 days ago sql, query, olap, window function

I'm trying to write an SQL statement based on this example data (just the first 3 columns)
799              01.06.2014   1            
799              02.06.2014   1
799              03.06.2014   1  

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What is meant by PARSER FUNCTION FAILED? Topic by lavanya2389 4 days ago

I have created a UDF but it is throwing run time error : 7813
Can any anyone explain why is this caused?

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How to modify datatype of a column using alter table command Topic by haran 06 Sep 2006

Hi,Can anyone help me reg thisEx:i am having a table Empcolumns:Empname varchar(10)Empno integerSalary decimal(10,2)i want to change the salary decimal (10,2) to decimal (15,2) using alter table command.IF i already have recors in that table can i modify that.Regards,Prabaharan.M

10 replies, 4 days ago