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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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list database and related table in Teradata with vb6 Topic by sal21 27 Jan 2013

How to, is possible?

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How to disable DNS COP lookup at login Topic by 18 Jan 2014 DNS, COPS, Slow login

We have Cold Fusion 8 on Linux in the DMZ. Teradata 14 resides in the LAN. Logins from the DMZ (jdbc) are painfully slow. The network admin sees repeated DNS requests when logins are attempted. The DNS server is on the LAN. DNS requests are not allowed through the firewall.

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Connection Profile for Vertica in Teradata SQL Assistant Topic by sk8s3i 16 Jan 2014 Vertica, connection profile, teradata sql assistant

I have been connecting to Vertica using Teradata SQL Assistant 12 (which requires an ODBC driver). However, in case of Teradata SQL Assistant 13.11 (Java Edition), I am unable to create a connection profile for Vertica. Even if I go for a "Generic JDBC" connection and provide the details using "New Driver Definition", I am unable to connect to Vertica.

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VB6 ADO Teradata Provider issue Topic by Lenvdb 05 Apr 2011 vb6 teradata connecttion

Dear all

I know, I know - I probably sound like I just stepped out of a Rip van Winkel fairytale 100 year sleep, but this is just how things are right now...B-)

I am using VB6 (still!! but for good reasons...) and we need to extract a few rows from a Teradata DB and Server.
My questions arise from the fact that not all users we support have the TTU installed on their PCs.

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New Teradata 13 Express Installation - Help Topic by Fatal_Error 14 Apr 2012

I Installaed TD-13 for Win-32. First surprise was this package does not contain SQL Assistant. 

Anyways I downlaoded TD studio and installed it. 

In the eobject explorer how do I connect to the server ? I never came accross an option to configure the server or set up a default database etc. Please help. 

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Frequency timeout when connect to the TD14 vitrual machine. Topic by codeboyyong 07 Jan 2014

We have a genric jdbc data browser function in our product and we want to try TD version 14.
So we download the virtual machine and update it to :"bridge" networking and 5G memory .
While connecting from jdbc driver to that virtual machine we get frequency timeout ,seems the vm image is quite not stable.
Then we try the TD13 vm image, same issue.

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Column Title Impact in Java - issue Topic by 02 Jan 2014 java, jdbc, column title

I have a table with same column title(not the column names), runing a SQL on it from Java is returing same values for both the columns, it is because of same column title, but same SQL in SQL Assitant returns correct values, where can i find and confirm if same title is reason. is there a driver documentation which states this behaviour.

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Does the Teradata JDBC drivers has support for turkish characters Topic by asami 07 Jan 2014

What is the charset that I need to choose for writing the turkish characters using jdbc drivers ? Tried with UTF8 and UTF16 but none of them helped.

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Teradata OLE DB Provider alternatives Topic by rakshitdhalla 07 Jan 2014 ole db


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Unable to login into TD Demo express Evaluation version 14.10 Topic by urskumar 05 Jan 2014

Unable to login into TD Demo express Evaluation version 14.10


Hi All,


I have installed TD evaluation demo version 14.10.When I trying to log into Bteqwin using below credentials I am getting different errors.I have given the login details,errors and hostfile entries as well below.Can some help me out in this:


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Unable to connect to Teradta Express 13 via JDBC Topic by 15 Jul 2013 teradata express 13, jdbc

I just installed Teradata Express 13 VMWare instance. Everything installed and works fine, except I am unable to connect to the dbc database via a Teradata 13 JDBC driver. The URL supplied is:  "jdbc:teradata://localhost/DBS_PORT=1025,DATABASE=dbc,CHARSET=UTF8".
Please advise?
Thanks... Vince

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Connecting to Topic by prateek.saxena 12 Dec 2013 sqla

I want to connect to via batch file. Version of teradata i am using is 13.10, i don't know whether it has bteq enabled or not?
Also i have tried sqla -c DBNAME [[\userid]\pwd] and it gives me error : not enough information to logon. When I write my IP in place of DBNAME the error changes to : data source name not found and no default driver specified

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Oracle OleDB Provider with OleLoad Topic by tstrick4 17 Sep 2013 oracle, oledb

Hello everyone - I have the Oracle 11g client and components installed but the Oracle OleDB Provider will not show up in the list of options in the OleLoad tool.  I have manually registered the oraoledbb11.dll file and complete the installation multiple times.  Has anyone ever used the Oracle OleDB provider before?

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Which IP will SQL Assistant hit. Topic by sgteradata 06 Dec 2013

Suppose I have two node teradata setup  having two different IP each assigned to a node.
Then from COP entries perspective I can have like below in etc host file on server.... TDXXXXCOP1 TDXXXXCOP2
This will help TTU to hit TDTDXXXX  from local server.
And DNS has been resolved like below....for client server connectivity.

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The NTLM authentication token is not supported Topic by gfinzer 06 Dec 2013

I am using integrated security with TeraData and ASP.NET MVC3.  I am getting the following exception when trying to open a connection:
Server Error in '/' Application.
The NTLM authentication token is not supported.
ErrorCode: -452984668 Severity: Error Facility: DotNet

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.NET Managed Drivers Topic by gfinzer 06 Dec 2013

In order to use Teradata with .NET, do I need to do a full install of the drivers on the web server or do I just need Teradata.Client.Provider.dll and the Teradata.Net.Security.Tdgss.dll?

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Teradata library(ICU) and teradata connector(PIOM) are not available in install package Topic by sandeep_kundal 04 Dec 2013

I have downloaded TTU14.10 but i dont see any installable componnets for Teradata library(ICU) and teradata connector(PIOM).
also i am facing issue while installing some package
when i opened tar file i got  following fodlers which had rpms

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Need icu Topic by jdarton 18 Sep 2013

Can someone provide the ICU Library  I need to uninstall it but it won't unless it has the orginal tdicu.msi.  The closest one available for download is icu but it doesn't work.

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Unable to connect with integrated security in ASP.NET MVC3 Topic by gfinzer 06 Dec 2013

I have an ASP.NET MVC3 application that uses integrated security.  I have both the driver and the Teradata.Client.Provider.dll and the Teradata.Net.Security.Tdgss.dll in my bin directory.  I am unable to connect to the TeraData database. 
[Teradata Database] [8017] The UserId, Password or Account is invalid.
Here is my connection string in my web.config:

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Connection From ORACLE using TPT TD 14.10 Topic by DIECORP24 05 Dec 2013

I need to do a connection to Oracle (Version 11g) using ODBC, from a OS Linux Suse 11 64Bits. Do you know, what the driver version is?
Thank you! 

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How to establish Connection from Teradata to Hadoop and also for Hana Topic by User786 22 Nov 2013

Can somebody tried or did any poc to connect from Teradata to Haddop or Hana
Do we have any Teradata connectors available where can use. Want to use Bi -Directional either way
Ravi Shanker Ayyadevara

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LDAP Authorization and Simple Binds Topic by fg255006 26 Nov 2013 ldap

Hello everybody,
I need to configure LDAP Authorization using the native directory schema. 
I already configured LDAP Authentication using simple binds and an Identity Search (since I needed to look for the sAMAccountName in the Active Directory).

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Problem with server name Topic by wmv 24 Nov 2013

com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1000] [SQLState 08S01] Login failure for Connection to testServer Mon Nov 25 00:48:26 COT 2013 socket orig=testServer cid=3dc01d78 sess=0 testServer   at Method)   at$1.lookupAllHostAddr(Unknown S

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How to Connect Mainframe DB2 to Teradata Client V13.10 Topic by kedarshashishekar 23 Nov 2013 mainframe teradata TDP

Hi All,
Need your expertise in connectivity. I need to connect Mainframe DB2 on Z/OS to Teradata Client V13.10
Can anyone please guide me on what steps are to be taken for this ?
Thanks for your help.

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