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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Connecting Python to Teradata over ODBC Topic by MikeC 16 Sep 2009 odbc, python

Has anyone ever connected a Python based script to Teradata using the ODBC driver on Linux? We have a Sales Consultant trying to work with a prospect and getting seg faults while using the ODBC driver.
ODBC connect string for Teradata Express 12.0:

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Embedded SQL Using C on AIX Topic by EB180000 15 Jun 2011

I have a C executable program that has embedded SQL in it connecting to Teradata. The program was coded, compiled, and linked on an AIX development server. To promote it to production, we will just copy the executable program to an AIX production server. My question is, do we need to install anything else on the production server to make the executable program run?

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JDBC Select Query not returning the correct character set Topic by david.rath 08 Jun 2011 jdbc, teradata, resultset, ?, ascii values incorrect

I have just complete some testing with a application I have made using the JDBC teradata driver. However, when I read from my resultset it appears that I lose non standard characters such as (± ¼ »). These are typically used within xml which is what I am also retrieving from the database, and they return as question marks, with an int value of 65533.
The values themselves are correctly shown in Teradata SQL assistant.
I have also tried creating a mysql database, which I could return the same characters from successfully.

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JDBC - MultiStatement with the "execute" method Topic by fclerc 27 May 2011

I have to execute several SQL request in parrallel.
Can you confirm me if the "execute" JDBC Method (with all my requests in parameter) will execute all the requests in parrallel or in sequential ?


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Could you tell me the reason why login time out? Topic by 30 May 2011 jdbc

I could connect the DBS via bteq when the program was retrying to connect to TD DBS(14f.00.00.00).
But who can tell me it is an issue of c3p0 module or TeraDriver?
DEBUG com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool - An exception occurred while acquiring a poolable resource. Will retry.
com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1276] [SQLState 08S01] Exceeded login timeout for
at com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.ErrorFactory.makeDriverJDBCException(

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Problem with ODBC driver and MS Query? Topic by Halen5150 17 Jan 2007

I'm trying to import data into an Excel 2000 spreadsheet by SQL query (using Data>>Get External Data>>New Database Query). However, I receive 'Out of Memory' followed by 'Could not read the file' when attempting to connect using the Teradata ODBC DSN. I am able to connect to Teradata when using the same ODBC DSN in Teradata SQL Assistant 7.1 so I'm thinking that MS Query could be the problem. I've recreated the ODBC DSN with no luck.I'm using Windows XP SP2 with version of the ODBC driver for Teradata and Microsoft Office 2000.Does anyone know if the Teradata ODBC driver is flakey with MS Query?Any info or ideas would be greatly appreciated.Thanks-Brad

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ODBC and TeraGSS 64-bit version on Red Hat Topic by piotrs 19 May 2011 red hat, odbc, teragss

Is it possible to install 64-bit version of ODBC driver on Red Hat Linux? I can't find 64-bit version of TeraGSS for Red Hat in downloads, there is only 32-bit version.

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Threads hanging permanently on Teradata requests Topic by iliaflax 16 May 2011 java jdbc


I'm using JDBC to query a Teradata server. There are up to 100 simultaneous requests, each one using a fresh connection, and closing it at the end. After some hours of work, some of the threads performing the requests get stuck indefinitely. Eventually a restart is needed.
From inspecting the call stacks, I see that the threads are in a socket read state, and that it happens when preparing a statement or when closing the connection:

Case 1:
java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
at Method)

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Login failure for Packet transmit Topic by mrite 12 Apr 2011


Any help is much appreciated, when a test connection is being made, getting below error in the logs.

App runs on Weblogic and it connects via JDBC connection to Teradata DB.

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.NET Teradata Driver in GAC Topic by Jeje 14 Nov 2008

Hi everybody,I have installed the last .net teradata driver on my pc (WinXp Pro SP2) and I created a small testing application to test the drivers.I use Visual Studio 2008.That works fine on my pc since the installation package has registered some assemblies into the GAC.I would like to know if is it possible to deploy my application on another pc without also installing the .net teradata driver into the GAC ?Apparently, we use only the Teradata.Client.Provider.dll assembly.So I would like to deploy this assembly in the bin folder on my application.But I receive this error: "Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed."Is Somebody can tell me if it's mandatory to deploy the .net teradata driver into the GAC ?Thanks in advance for your answer.Jerome

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executing imported teradata stored procedure from DATASERVICES Topic by IndNaga 21 Apr 2011

I am importing a teradata stored procedure into DATA SERVICES called sb_calc_sum and i am trying to use it in a script inside a dataservices job.
It gives me the following error when i try to execute the data services job.

ODBC data source error message for operation : <[Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] 'sb_calc_sum' is not a macro. >.

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Accessing TD using MS Access/Excel - using ldap Topic by Bilal_Abdeen 17 Apr 2011 odbc, ldap, connection, ms access, ms excel


I need to access TD (12) using MS Access and/or Excel. My login user name is configured to use ldap for authentication. ODBC version is

A. MS Excel 2007:
The connection steps seem to work smoothly until it displays the list of available TD tables. Then, it displays the ODBC connection dialogue. After entering the authentication details, which I use successfully with TD SQL Assistant, I get the following consecutive error messages.
1. [NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The UserID, Password or Account is invalid.

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ODBC via MS Access Topic by Larryag 25 Mar 2011 odbc, ms access

Hello... I am having a problem connecting to our Teradata database using an ODBC connection within MS Access. I'm using Access 2003, and can connect directly using v12.0 of Teradata SQL Assistant. I can connect to all tables I have been granted access to within Teradata SQL Assistant, however when trying to connect via ODBC within Access, I am presented with the error of "[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The user does not have any access to the database [my sign-on ID]. (#-3524)"

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problem with jdbc/dialect Topic by tamer.s 04 Apr 2011 spring hibernate weblogic udfcallname

I Everybody,

I have to migrate an application from oracle to teradata DB.

This is a web application running on weblogic with spring+hibernate(with dialect from hibernate) with teradata last JBDC, using teradata vmware express edition.

when i start the application, for firsts test i've got this error:

:com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException:[Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3707] [SQLState 42000] Syntax error, expected something like an 'UDFCALLNAME' keyword between '.' and the 'language' keyword.

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Connection close not returning Topic by iliaflax 07 Apr 2011 connection

The phenomenon

The operation Connection.close() on a Teradata connection sometimes gets blocked forever.

The relevant java stack trace

java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
at Method)

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UPGRADE 12 to 13 Topic by fusionobject 23 Mar 2011

We have upgraded from 12 to 13 ODBC driver on linux , since then we were not able to connect to teradata.

what are the missing thing could be.

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problem with hibernate and mapped entity Topic by tamer.s 06 Apr 2011 spring hibernate weblogic string

I Everybody,

I have to migrate an application from oracle to teradata DB.

This is a web application running on weblogic with spring+hibernate(with dialect from hibernate) with teradata last JBDC, using teradata vmware express edition.

Everything is up and running but when hibernate load into an string entity the value found in the db, it seems that load a series of spaces as much as field lenght specified in the db.

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Teradata 13.1 ODBC driver installation on zLinux Topic by bobwei 08 Mar 2011


I faced a problem with Teradata 13.1 ODBC driver installation.
I can successfully install tdicu on my machine. But when I was trying to install TeraGSS, installer always report error as follow:

"package TeraGSS_suselinux-390- is intended for a 390 architecture"

My system is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 (s390x).

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.net access to the native CLI Topic by mmccurrey 31 Mar 2011 .net cli c#

Is anybody directly accessing the native CLI api's instead of using the .net provider?

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MERGE & ODBC Topic by piotrs 11 May 2010 merge odbc

Are there any restrictions using MERGE via ODBC? I have MERGE statement which returns an error:

"[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The search condition must fully specify the Target table primary index and partition column(s) and expression must match INSERT specfication primary index and partition column(s)."

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TTU (odbc, cli) on GENTOO linux? Topic by textures21 24 Mar 2007

I was just wondering if anyone has tried this? I am a fan of the Gentoo distribution of linux so I wanted to see if anyone managed to get the odbc/cli packages installed on this distribution.-Peter

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SQL 2005 64-bit - Teradata Linked server...not working Topic by RainoBotha 16 Feb 2011

Hello everybody,

I have setup a linked server in SQL 2005 using:
1. 64-bit Teradata ODBC drivers (native OLE DB does not support 64-bit)
2. I use the Microsoft OLE DB provider for ODBC.

When executing a count from SQL Server to a teradata table it does work, i.e.:
1. Query:
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TD..PRD_edw_views.offg;

2. Result:


(1 row(s) affected)

When I try to select (*) the data from the table I get the following error. It does look like some sort of table definition is returned but not data, the error:

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Teradata ODBC-Connect from PHP (Linux Red Hat) Topic by vfpde 02 Mar 2010 odbc, php


I am trying to connect Teradata from Linux Red Hat ( LAMP-Installation ) via ODBC-Driver.
isql works fine, but i cant connect Teradata with PHP.

SQL error : SQl State in 00000 in SQLConnect ...

( Teradata ODBC Version 13.0 - Red Hat 4.0 )

Has anybody working a PHP/Teradata Connection and know a solution ?

Thanks !

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Connecting from Linux PHP to Teradata using ODBC Topic by frider 11 Mar 2011

I am trying to create a db connection odbc on linux and php. I have installed unixODBC 2.3.0 and the latest Teradata utilities, TeraGSS, TDICU, and TD ODBC.

I can connect to Teradata and query and view data using the ISQL application that is part of unixODBC. However, when I use odbc_connect() in php, it will not connect.

I have traced the failed connection, and find this in the trace log:

245 TS:250: SSOLibSetMechName calling gss_get_actual_mech_name -> ret = 0 [ SingleSignOn.cpp 665 ]

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