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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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TPT API - Delay before returning the "No more room in database" error. Topic by ggo 24 Apr 2012 tpt parallel transport api 2644 no more room database putbuffer connection


I have a C++ application using the TPT API in "TD_STREAM" Mode (TeraData Client 13.10 + Linux VMWARE TeraData 4GB 13.10) in order to write data to some tables.

I have created a user with limited storage (something like 1MB).

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TDLOAD Error 8017: The UserId, Password or Account is invalid. Topic by kapil_gra 01 Jul 2011

I am new to Teradata and was trying to setup something similar to sql loader to load delimited files into tables.

Below is the script i ran from my unix prompt.
tdload -c ASCII -j tdloadjobvars.txt

Below are the contents of my "tdloadjobvars.txt" file.

TargetLogonMechData='authcid=xxxx password=xxxx',
TargetWorkingDatabase = 'xxxx',
SourceFileName = 'tdload.csv',
TargetTable = 'tdload_1',
SourceTextDelimiter = ',',
TargetMaxSessions = 5

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Import Query Can be called through the Stroed Procedure Topic by isingh59 11 Apr 2012

I am importing data from Excel (CSV) file to teradata using Insert into table_name values (?,?,?),but now what i want is to use the same statement in the stored procedure .


The probelm i am facing is that in the stored procedure i am not able to turn on import mode .So is there any possiblity to turn on the import mode thorugh command line in the SQL assistant .


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Can I switch between LDAP and Standard Authentication? Topic by M..S 23 Mar 2012 ldap, authentication

I have a Teradata user called FREDBLOGGS. 

He has an account on Teradata (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password TERADATA). 

He also has an entry in LDAP (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password LDAP).

If I set up my Teradata server to authenticate via LDAP, can this be overridden by the authentication mechanism chosen by Fred when he logs in?

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Connection Reset when clicking on Session Info Topic by terausr123 07 Apr 2012

I have installed Teradata Express 13 on Windows 7, 32 Bit. After the installation I start Teradata Service Control and click on "Start Teradata!". After a few seconds it is started.

As stated in the Getting started guide I know click on File/Session Info. After 2 seconds a popup appears which states the following error:

10054: WSA E ConnReset: Connection reset by peer

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MORE HERE Topic by JanayTyler 07 Apr 2012

hello there

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[Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 6760] [SQLState HY000] Invalid timestamp. Topic by hidekoji 28 Mar 2012 jdbc timestamp error 6760

I have a test case where I bind current time (milliseconds) and it fails with [Error 6760] [SQLState HY000] Invalid timestamp. 

My question is do I have to take care of some timestamp formatting before I bind it with setTimestamp method of PreparedStatment ? Or is this a knwon issue and I can expect a solution for it?

Here is the test case details:

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Teradata connection when proxy server is on Topic by MohsinAli 04 Apr 2012


I am using JDBC Driver 13.10 in my application, my connection is working fine, but as soon as I turn on the proxy server under internet explorer, application is not connecting and giving error server not found. While i have checked option "by pass proxy server for local addresses"

Any thoughts?

Mohsin Ali


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Java XSP Error 7832 Topic by marklane1 28 Mar 2012

I have been deploying Java XSP for a couple of months.  No problems and very useful for the right scenario.  All of a sudden, a working program starts throwing this error:

"Failure 7832 XSP Application FACTSII.JXSP_BUILD_SF133 caused protocol error : authentication fields don't match (igtw-009)"

Has anyone encountered this issue?

Here is our version info:

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How to restrict connection according to IP adress or Client Topic by LUCAS 27 Mar 2012 logon, inhibit


a somewhat odd question about a simple method to restrict (inhibit) connection using a "production" User that is over-used among developpers (everybody knows User and Pwd).

In a basic context (no LDAP, no active Mechanism ...) of SQLA requests.

How to inhibit a connection when sign on is sent from some IP adresses and just sent via SQLA ?

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unable to change expired password through ODBC connection in ASP web page using VB Topic by CoderRon 22 Mar 2012 web services, connection strings, odbc connections, changing passwords

Hello. I have an inward facing ASP web app that I am changing to connect to Teradata instead of an AIX box.  I am able to connect to the Teradata Server and execute queries using an ODBC connection using VB 6 (so I'm told.

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mt.exe error - Compiling of SP. Topic by indrajit_td 26 Feb 2012


 I am trying to compile stored procedure and I am getting mt.exe not found error. COuld you please help me with it:

Database - 13.02 (Teradata 13 express edition)

VC++ Express 2010 - installed

PC is 32-bit operating system.





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JDBC driver pagination support Topic by Duri83 16 Mar 2012 viewpoint, java, jdbc, sql scratchpad, hibernate, viewpoint sql scratchpad


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JDBC Encryption Topic by TSchmolzi 19 Mar 2012 jdbc, encryption

I have a couple application are are using ENCRYPTION=ON in their connection strings.  Is there any way to tell on the database side (DBQL, etc) so that I may verify that the encryption parameters are being accepted?

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ODBC v13 Single-Signon Error Topic by Archon 30 Dec 2011

Hello everyone!

We are in the process of upgrading our warehouse from v12 to v13.10.  Our first task is to roll out the ODBC to various users to see if things are still happy. 

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CLIv2 not working with LDAP mechanism Topic by mo186006 21 Feb 2012 cli, ldap

Hi, I'm trying to connect to TD server via CLIv2 console application using LDAP logon mechanism, but I get the following error: CLI2: BADLOGMECH(507): Requested logon mechanism is not available.

I have set up LDAP option by passing "LDAP" string to DBCAREA logmech_name variable:

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Can I get by temporarily with ODBC driver 12.0 accessing Database V13.10? Topic by dennisfortier 06 Mar 2012

We are upgrading our database from V12 to V13.10.  In preparation for our upgrade, we have upgraded our TTU components to 13.10.  We have also installed Viewpoint to replace Teradata Manager, TDWM, ect.

It looks like our effort to upgrade desktop ODBC drivers from 12 to 13.10 across our enterprise will not be complete when the database is upgraded to V13.10.

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[Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] SQL request exceeds maximum allowed length of 1 MB Topic by CCMM 02 Aug 2011

What does the SQL request mean? Is the maximum allowed length configurable? Why still need the limitation in 64bit ODBC driver? Is there any workaround ?


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Teradata Error while connecting to the TeraDatabase using Ibatis plugin.Getting JDBC exception Topic by Patnaik 28 Feb 2012

Hi,I have used the Ibatis Teradata plugin in Rational Application Developer.I have written a simple sql select query which is mapped in a SQL Map.Then i have created a DAO from the SQL Maps.When i run the JUnit test using the build.xml i am getting the following exception.

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How to coonect to teradata server with business object tool? Topic by neetu1.a 01 Mar 2012

I recently joined business objects team for report development activity. my database server is teradata server.How can i connect to teradata server from business objevts tool? what drivers i needed , & from where i can download them? what steps i should follow for connectivity?

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.Net framework version 2.0 3.0 3.5 must be installed before installing .Net data provider for TD. Installation aborted. Topic by praj 09 Nov 2011 installation, .net framework 4.0

I have .Net framework 4.0 installed.

where do we get TD .Net data provider for 4.0 version? I don't want to downgrade my app to 3.5 or less from 4.0.

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Problem executing .net batch program from server Topic by AndrewMaass 12 Jan 2012

Hi - I'm new to posting to forums.  I'll do my best to describe my problem.

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dwhwrapper - cli wrapper for Teradata data warehouse utilities (BTEQ,etc..) Topic by FelixBarbalet 21 Feb 2012 bteq, python, mload, csv, fastld, fastexp

Hi All

We wanted to share a python tool we've developed recently which provides a cli to teradata bteq and other utilities to allow:
* easy execution of scripts/SQL queries from the command line
* download to csv (and binary) format without third-party conversion tools
* upload from csv (and binary) format without third-party conversion tools

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Slow .Net data provider. Topic by Jakob.E_SuperG 13 Feb 2012


We have a Teradata 13.10 backend installation and a front-end installation on MS SQL 2008, using Microsoft SSAS. Due to our data model and a minor "design-glitch" in MS SSAS, we have been forced to make a MOLAP solution, generating materialized cubes on the SQL server.

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Installing Teradata .NET data provider on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010 Professional Topic by bishtawi 17 Feb 2012

I am having problems with the install.

I am doing the complete install but messes up visual studio packages.


Has anyone had issues with installing the .NET data provider on Windows 7 and VS 2010?

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