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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Spring Batch Job on TeraData Topic by sjadhav 07 Aug 2013

Developing job using Spring batch module, new jobs requirement is to write data to TeraData. Can anyone share user guide or tech spec on how to support from Spring Batch with Teradata.

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JDBC error code list? Topic by jan.simecka 10 Jul 2013 jdbc, sqlexception, errorcode, getErrorCode()

Is there a list of error codes (and the associated messages) of all the SQLExceptions that the Teradata JDBC driver throws? I can't find it anywhere in the documentation...

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Login OK with teradata Assistant, KO with BTEQ Topic by gwenaellebarzic 23 Jul 2013

Hello !
I create this case because I have a question relative to the access to Teradata through SQL Assistant and BTEQ.
The situation here is the following :
- I have two users USER 1 and USER 2
- With USER 1, from my workstation, I can connect to the Teradata server either by using SQL Assistant or BTEQ

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Visual Studio 2010 Topic by brydgesk 06 Apr 2012 .net data provider, .net driver, .net framework 4.0, visual studio 2010

Do people actually have the .NET Data Provider for Teradata integrated in Visual Studio 2010? I know you can add a reference to the driver and write code against it, that works fine. I'm talking about integration, where Teradata shows up in the Data Source list when creating things like Entity Framework Data Models.

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.NET Data provider - Canonical functions support Topic by sundarvenkata 20 Jul 2013 teradata, .net, provider, canonical, functions, support

Alright. So I looked at this page: It mentions that canonical functions for .NET 4.0 are supported under the "Teradata" namespace. Where in the world is this namespace? I have referenced Teradata.Client.Entity.Dll, Teradata.Client.Provider.Dll, Teradata.Client.Provider.Resources.Dll.

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TeraData JDBC and WebLogic 12c Topic by sculling 11 Jul 2013 jdbc, weblogic, datasource

Has anyone had any luck installing the TeraData JDBC drivers on WebLogic 12c?  Are Teradata JDBC drivers supported in WebLogic 12c?

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Studio 14.02 and ODBC Topic by PeterSchwennesen 23 Jul 2013 Studio 14 ODBC

I have looked at the new Studio 14.02, but it seems that it has only the Teradata connection. Is it not possible to select an ODBC connection like in the Teradata SQL Assistant? How do I select a ODBC connection? I like to select a ODBC connection that I have setup in the Control panel … Data sources (ODBC) … System-DSN.
Peter Schwennesen

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Java Teradata ODBC Error - Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement Topic by anuj_alex 20 Jul 2013 java jdbc

Hello ,
We have a java program that connects to Teradata using the ODBC Drivers and uses Global Temprory Tables for retrieving data for a Report
The Global Temprory Tables have been created with a preserve rows after commit option
here are the steps in the program

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ERROR "Response Limit exceeded" in JDBC Driver Topic by shimpeko 11 Oct 2012 jdbc

I got following error in my application(Web app deploying on JBoss EAP).
It seems exception generated at "CheckValidConnectionSQL.isValidConnection", when JDBC Driver try to check validity of connection.
I checked the JDBC User guide and SET LOB_SUPPORT to OFF, but still getting the same error.
Any advice?

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Analysis Service & Teradata - The provider 'TDOLEDB.1' is not registered. Topic by russell.huynh 12 Jul 2013 teradata, Analysis service, TDOLEDB, connection string, SQL server 2012

Hi, I am able to create the cubes using the TDOLEDB provider in Analysis Service and only come across the following error when processing the cubes. "The provider 'TDOLEDB.1' is not registered."

I am running the following configurations

- Windows 7

- Database: Teradata on VMware

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odbc connectivity from oracle to teradata Topic by vasundhara 09 Jul 2013

Hi All,

I have installed Teradata ODBC driver version "" and unixODBC-2.3.1 on SunOS and able to execute the queries from isql but unable to fetch the data using dblink.


From dg4odbc trace file I am finding the below message,

hgopoer, line 231: got native error 0 and sqlstate IM001; message follows...

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Teradata JNDI connectivity Topic by rajivgupta1107 02 Dec 2009

Hi,We have teradata12 installed on my machine. I am trying to connect to teradata from a java application. When i try to connect through JDBC, i can connect. But when we try to connect using jndi, i am getting the error as:Error occured while trying to connect to the databaseInvalid JNDI connection stag : [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1000] [SQLState 08S01] Login failure for Connection to Wed Dec 02 16:31:58 GMT+05:30 2009 socket cid=5113f0 sess=0 at Method)JNDI is defined as:stag/type=javax.sql.DataSourcestag/driver=com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriverstag/url=jdbc:teradata:// let me know if i am missing any step.Regards,Rajiv Gupta

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Teradata JDBC fastload hangs after approximately 50 batch insert Topic by pganelin 17 Apr 2009

I took the example T20206JD [url=][/url]provided by Teradata and slightly modified it.I increased number of the batches and size of each batch. Each batch has 1000 inserts and I have about 200 batches. See below.After running for a few iterations the program hangs. Usually it happens after approximately 50 batches. For example here are the last lines from one of the runs ADDED: Batch 46 Inserting data rows...Debugger shows that java program waits on socket for Teradata Server response. No warning messages is returned be the previous batchUpdateTeradata JDBC driver: 12.108Teratata Server: Windows 12.01.24[code] for (int j = 0; j < 209; j++) { int batchCount = 0; for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) { pstmt.setInt(1, 1); pstmt.setString(2, strBuf); pstmt.addBatch(); batchCount++; pstmt.setInt(1, 2); pstmt.setString(2, strBuf); pstmt.addBatch(); batchCount++; } System.out.println( "ADDED: Batch " + j); int updateCounts[] = pstmt.executeBatch(); ... }[/code]

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GSS installation error 1606. Could not access network location nt-i386\\. Topic by JEB 20 Sep 2007

I am trying to install the Teradata GSS Clientnt-i386 12.0.I get an error 1606. Could not access network location nt-i386\\.What do I need to do to address this issue?Thanks

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Seeking information on Teradata database compatibility with JRE Topic by Karam 01 Jul 2013

We are using Teradata database 12 as our production database and as part of policy we are required to see if we can upgrade JRE to 1.7
I have seen prior posts for Teradata database compatibility metrics with JDBC but couldn’t see Teradata database compatibility with JRE or JDK versions.
Requestng experts to share such information.

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Error 8017 - The UserId, Password or Account is invalid Topic by vpyoa 16 Nov 2012 jdbc, error 8017

I'm new to Teradata and Websphere Application Server(WAS). I have installed Teradata JDBC Driver 14.00 (terajdbc4.jar

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How to Get the Session info (example: session number/id) when using Teradata .NET Provider. Topic by Shiv_Giri 27 Jun 2013

Hi All,
After creating a connection using the Teradata .Net Provider, how to know what is the session id/number of the session/connection created ?
Thank You.

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Teradata CLIv2 library for Ruby! Topic by shimpeko 27 May 2010 ruby, cliv2, library


I'm from Teradata Japan.
I'd like to let you know about great library for Teradata-Ruby connection.

We have rocking programmer, he is one of the Ruby commiter, in our PS division and he made the library for Teradata-Ruby connection.

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Script Shell Bteq Connection. Logmech LDAP Topic by wasabi79 25 Jun 2013

Hi all,
when i tried a normal connection in script shell like point 1 no errors occurs.
when i add .logmech string (point 2) for mechanism LDAP the connection failure and errors occurs(see point 3 for spool).
bteq <<EOI
         .LOGON server/emyuser,mypwd;
Select date;

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.NET Data Provider Topic by maitony 21 Jun 2013

Where can I download a .NET Data Provider instead of version, Thank you.

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coredump with isql on VMWare Suse with TD14.0 Topic by manu_eq4 20 Jun 2013

Hello I issued the following command on the Teradata Express Suse VM to test my ODBC setup, I have installed unixODBC and Teradata 64 bits drivers:
TDExpress14.0_Sles10:~ # isql -v testdsn vmtest vmtest
| Connected!                            |
|                                       |

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Reverse Engineering VISIO 2010 in Teradata Topic by dharmadam_man 01 Jun 2013

I am trying to reverse engineer from Teradata to VISIO 2010. I get the following error. "You are using a VISIO ODBC Generic Driver" driverto connect with a Teradata DBMS data source. By using an incompatible driver,it is possible that catalog information retrieved will be incomplete. I chose Teradata in the ODBC Generic Driver setup

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Set CommandTimeout in .Net Data Provider for Teradata connection string? Topic by adam.mcdonnell 05 Jun 2013

I'm interacting with Teradata through Entity Framework using the .NET Data Provider for Teradata. I've got some long running queries that require a longer-than-default timeout period, so I've been setting the ObjectContext.CommandTimeout property to cater for this. I'm wondering though if it's possible to set the command timeout in the connection string?

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biee connect to teradata Topic by williambaldwin 04 Jun 2013 biee

who can tell me how to make biee connect to teradata, is there some tools or some document?

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.NET Data Provider for Teradata Topic by ronirwin 04 Jun 2013

Hello, I have written a script utility that inserts and updates to a Teradata 13 database and I'm currently using the .NET Data Provider for Teradata   We're about to upgrade to TD 14 soon.   I'm planning to upgrade to the .NET Data Provider 14 soon, but I'm going to be out of the office for a couple of weeks and my other co-workers use this utility.

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