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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Help getting Teradata ODBC driver installed Topic by mskeels1983 31 May 2013 teradata odbc driver

Hi all,
I am looking for some help in getting the Teradata ODBC driver installed. I installed all three pieces in this order: ICU libraires, GSS Client, and then the ODBC driver. I have installed and reinstalled several times. I cannot get the Teradata driver to show up as an option where trying to configure a new ODBC connection under ODBC connections in CONTROL PANEL.

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Connectivity from MS ACcess Database to Teradata Database Topic by Chandana7 31 May 2013

Hi Team,
    I am very new to Ms Access and teradat database as well.  As part of my requirement i have to connect from MS Access [version 2010] database to Teradata database [Version] to managge the data present in the Teradata database.

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Teradata on Windows - Single Sign On - Help Topic by valiolov 16 May 2013 sso


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SSAS DataSource View with .net provider for Teradata doesn't display tables Topic by yalarcon 16 May 2013

SSAS DataSource View with .net data provider for Teradata doesn't
display tables in "select tables and views".
The conection test is Ok and explorer data is ok too, but when create the datasource view doesn't display nothing.
S.O:Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 - Standard x64 Edition Service Pack 2
Microsoft SQL Server

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Runnig multiple queries through MS Excel uusing ODBC DSN Topic by ABSDBA 14 May 2013

I need to run the below queries using a single Connection Wizard, but it gies error :
Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement.
Please's urgent!!!
ProfileName VARCHAR(128)

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.NET - Has anyone tried to make NHibernate work with Teradata? Topic by jaldrin 27 May 2013 .net data provider

I am working on a small development project and trying to port a SQL Server .NET to Teradata. It utilizes the NHibernate add-on to handle the mapping between the database and POCO classes.
I saw some posts on some forums (via Google) and see references that "creating a suitable dialect wouldn't be too hard".

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Data not formatted when linked to Excel Topic by esr128 17 May 2013

I connected Excel to my Teradata table and I get all of my data but every other row in my data set under one column of data, TIME1, is 0:00 instead of an actual time like 8:00. My data table in TD displays the correct timestamp for all rows of data but when I refresh the link in my excel file every other row under that one column TIME1 is 0:00 ?

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Download older versions of JDBC Topic by abellver 13 May 2013 jdbc

Hi, I need to download version but I can't seem to find a place to get it. The latest version in Developers Exchange is .00.35 but due to support issues I can only use versions of 13.10 betweem .00.00 and 00.10
Anyone knows where should I go find those versions?

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error message "two different data types are being set" - documentation? advice? Topic by ltt73 26 Apr 2013

Hello - I got an error which sounds like it is supposed to mean I tried to insert an incompatible data type but I'm having trouble finding useful information about why the conversion failed.
Here's the error message:

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JDBC - Converting from DB2 to Teradata Topic by ltt73 26 Apr 2013 jdbc db2 conversion

I'm just converting some Java JDBC code to use Teradata from DB2 - thought I would share a couple of things I found and ask for any other advice.
1) Remove "WITH UR" from your statements: DB2 supports uncommitted read in the syntax "WITH UR" at the end of a SQL statement, I guess Teradata does not recognize that syntax.

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Load data into Teradata from SQL Server Topic by satya.js 29 Apr 2013 teradata, sql server, push, data, bulk copy

Hi gurus,
I have an application where i have to download data from Teradata into SQL Server, update data in SQL Server and push it back to Teradata server.
I am able to import data from Teradata into SQL server using SQL Bulk Copy. I am trying to see how to push data to Teradata.

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SSIS Teradata data destination very slow Topic by Mover 19 Apr 2013

Hi All
I'm an experienced SQL Server & data warehouse guy but am working with TD for the first time.
I'm trying to extract rows from a SQL server DB using SSIS & insert them into a TD table & I'm getting absolutely miserable performance (<1000rows/min).

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Unable to connect through .net odbc Topic by sujjichalla 06 Dec 2011 .net, odbc, connection

Im able to connect to teradata DB through SQL assistant with required credentials

But unable to connect to teradata through .Net ODBC

The connection string that i used is

driver={Teradata};DBCName=provided Server address; UID=*****;PWD=*****;


Pls let me know if anything is needed

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Teradata access clients for the Mac Topic by sunny999 24 Aug 2009


What options do I have to use a GUI SQL client tool to access teradata from Mac OS X? For e.g. there is SQL developer for Oracle. Any Java tool would work I guess.

Thanks in advance.

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JDBC Data source for Teradata database in weblogic console Topic by Jessy Mahesh Kothapalli 12 Apr 2013

Hi Dieter,
/* create New JDBC Data source for Teradata database in weblogic console*/
I downloaded JDBC Driver from teradata website and placed the jar files in my local system where i installed TTU but  NOT in server ( its not working ) 
Connection test failed.
Cannot load driver: com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver

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Teradata Connection Issue Topic by msubbura 12 Apr 2013 teradata connection time out

Hi All,
I have installed Teradata 13.10 and i m using .NET data provider for connection. I am getting connection time out error when connecting database, though i m having access to the database.
11/04/2013 19:42:10
SQLA Version:

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Connecting Teradata and MS SQL sources Topic by jedler 20 Mar 2013 MS SQL, ssis, CROSS SEVER PROGRAMMING

I am new to the forum so forgive me if this post seems remedial or incomplete.  We work with data coming from two types of data sources (MS SQL Severs, and Teradata Servers).  For a number of projects, we need to compare information across these two server types.  There are probably a number of ways to accomplish this but we are looking for an approach that is 1) scriptable and 2) can be parame

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TPTAPI not able to connect with Teradata database with the error [PXOPL_Open: slopen_error...] Topic by ujaiswal 20 Jan 2012 connectivity


I did install Teradata 13.0 drivers on 64 windows setup.

I got below DLL's in location

C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\13.0\Teradata Parallel Transporter\bin64









But, still I am getting this error?

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Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement Topic by barca4321 19 Mar 2013

I am working on a Narrow Cast Server project in Microstrategy; teradata is the database. We have configured an ODBC connection to connect the NCS to teradata.
I get an ODBC error while trying to execute a multi pass sql using the ODBC connection. However, a simple query runs fine.  

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CommandTimeout issue Topic by Pradeep207 18 Mar 2013
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Teradata Connectivity To Datastage Topic by martin_lai 06 Mar 2013

I have problem connectivity from data stage to Teradata database.
The error is "The connector could not establish connection to Teradata Server prdtdcop1. RDBMS Code 224MTDP : EM_NOHOST(224) ... "
The problem came when I use variable / server name for server in the properties Teradata Connector. But when I use IP then the job successfully run without error.

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Which connectivity option should I use? Topic by adam.mcdonnell 24 Feb 2013 .net, odbc, connectivity

Hi there. My organisation is just beginning with Teradata development, and I'm wondering which connectivity option (.NET Provider, ODBC etc) we should use. We develop against version 4 of the .NET framework using Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. Could anyone recommend one connectivity option over the others, or perhaps list the pros and cons of each?

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Jdbc Driver - What's New in .. Topic by jld@fitc 04 Mar 2013 jdbc, docu

Hi there,

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Teradata Express on amazon ec2 Topic by vganti 12 Mar 2013 jdbc connectivity

I launched a Teradata 14 express on Amazon ec2 following instructions here:
When I try to connect through JDBC from an app, I get the following error. (This used to work fine with another instance last week.)

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Teradata studio express 14.0.2 Topic by appi 11 Mar 2013 Teradata studio express connection profile error


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