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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Using RubyCLI Topic by mmartelli 14 Jun 2012 linux, ruby, rubycli, dbi

I'm trying to establish a connection from my linux box to a Teradata server


My odbcinst.ini looks as the example does









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[TeraJDBC] [Error 1005] [SQLState HY000] Unexpected parcel kind received: 33 Topic by kerr.ding 08 Jun 2012 jdbc

I execute the sql by TeraJDBC13.1, but throw the exception:



16:55:31  [SELECT - 0 row(s), 0.000 secs]  [Error Code: 1005, SQL State: HY000]  [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1005] [SQLState HY000] Unexpected parcel kind received: 33

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Teradata.Net Provider and Entity Framework Entity Not being filled by Stored Procedure Topic by Jasonviera 26 Mar 2012 stored procedure, .net, entity framework, provider

After following the the example shown here :


I get this error when EF trys to execute the stored procedure:

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Install Teradata Express Edition on 64-bit Topic by notsan 05 Jun 2012


As you know TD 13 is not supported on 64-bit. Is there a way of installing TD 13 Express edition on a 64-bit machine that does not support Virtualization? What are the options available?

Thanks for your time in advance!!!


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No more room in database All. Topic by terausr123 31 May 2012


I once created a DB which I filled with 5000 images (50MB each). Unfortunately I dropped the table lately so I am trying to recreate the table. But

after a few hundred entries the following message appears:

com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 2644] [SQLState HY000] No more room in database All.

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Why is TeraData JDBC complaining about these parameters? Topic by t t 23 May 2012

I have a SQL such as this:

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Using != throws an error in [TeraJDBC] Topic by M..S 30 May 2012 jdbc, bug, !=, not equals

As per subject, really.  Got a simple query:

SELECT * FROM dbc.databases WHERE databasename != 'foo'

When I try and run it through the JDBC connection I get the error:

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Using fastload from java application Topic by caleb 25 May 2012 java fastload jdbc



Can you kindly post a code snippet on how can one load data with fastload from csv in java application ?

I'm able to connect to TD via JDBC but I cannot find any useful docs with examples how to use fastload in an application.


Thank you in advance

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Delphi - ADO Connection String? Topic by Hanco 22 May 2012 teradata, odbc, connectionstring, delphi


The environment my Windows app runs in has recently changed and uses LDAP as the authentication method for connection to the Teradata warehouse.

But I'm really stuck, I am unable to connect using my app now.  I can connect ok using the Queryman application, using the same User ID and Password values, so I know the connection is possible and queries will run and return results from the Queryman application.

My ConnectionString looks like this:

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ADO.Net Provider hangs when trying to create Entity Model in Visual Studio 2010 Topic by saintperez 07 Mar 2012 entity framework, visual studio 2010, provider

Trying to create Entity Framework Model in Visual Studio 2010 but it seems to hang at the point where I select the tables and hit Go. I'm able to open the connection and see the objects in TerraData but never finishes this dialog. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Chinese character are not displaying properly Topic by trekker 27 Apr 2012

I am using Teradata ODBC 13.0 with php and session is set to UTF16 but not able to display them properly on php page. Is there an issue with Teradata ODBC while converting Unicode characters.

The problem was persisted even I used jdbcodbc. It worked fine with Type 4 jdbc driver. 

Please Suggest 

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no "execute procedure" rights for judf Topic by terausr123 05 May 2012


I created a very basic JUDF as described in the official tutorials:

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Teradata JDBC driver behavior different than other drivers using Eclipse and Servoy Topic by lgormley 04 May 2012 jdbc

I am using Eclipse and Servoy ( to create a CRUD application.  Using other JDBC drivers works well in Servoy but the Teradata (v14) JDBC driver does not work as well for CRUD operations.  However, the things I can do using the Teradata drivers are single SELECT statements and INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE statements and I can also make

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How can I connect from FileMaker on Mac to Teradata? Topic by smacdonald 20 Jan 2012 teradata filemaker odbc jdbc sql


I have need to connect to a Teradata source to view (read-only) or import data into a single table of hosted FileMaker Pro database. Although Teradata provides ODBC drivers for most platforms, there is no such driver for the Mac. Actual technologies makes approved ODBC drivers for FileMaker, but nothing approved for Teradata. 

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Teradata ODBC paramter insert using SQL_ATTR_PARAMSET_SIZE not working. Topic by expressor 16 Apr 2007

Has anyone had success using the SQL_ATTR_PARAMSET_SIZE parameter with SQLSetStmtAttr for bulk inserts? When ever I set this parameter to lets say 32 if I then proceed to do a SQLGetStmtAttr(statement, SQL_ATTR_PARAMSET_SIZE, ...), the return value is still one.I have followed the instructions in the “ODBC Driver for Teradata Users Guide” in the “Using Parameter Arrays” section. This code works with all of the other major RDBMS vendors.The ODBC version being used is on Windows 32 (2000 sp4) which should work. I have tried all version of the ODBC driver 03.05 and higher and none seem to work.Thanks-

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Unicode Conversion Error using 13.10 and 14.0 ODBC Topic by DO255001 18 Apr 2012

We are testing one of our applications and some of tests fail with the following error 


Teradata.Twm.Data.DataAccessException:  Unicode Conversion Error ---> System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: ERROR [HY000] [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] Unicode Conversion Error

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TPT API - Delay before returning the "No more room in database" error. Topic by ggo 24 Apr 2012 tpt parallel transport api 2644 no more room database putbuffer connection


I have a C++ application using the TPT API in "TD_STREAM" Mode (TeraData Client 13.10 + Linux VMWARE TeraData 4GB 13.10) in order to write data to some tables.

I have created a user with limited storage (something like 1MB).

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TDLOAD Error 8017: The UserId, Password or Account is invalid. Topic by kapil_gra 01 Jul 2011

I am new to Teradata and was trying to setup something similar to sql loader to load delimited files into tables.

Below is the script i ran from my unix prompt.
tdload -c ASCII -j tdloadjobvars.txt

Below are the contents of my "tdloadjobvars.txt" file.

TargetLogonMechData='authcid=xxxx password=xxxx',
TargetWorkingDatabase = 'xxxx',
SourceFileName = 'tdload.csv',
TargetTable = 'tdload_1',
SourceTextDelimiter = ',',
TargetMaxSessions = 5

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Import Query Can be called through the Stroed Procedure Topic by isingh59 11 Apr 2012

I am importing data from Excel (CSV) file to teradata using Insert into table_name values (?,?,?),but now what i want is to use the same statement in the stored procedure .


The probelm i am facing is that in the stored procedure i am not able to turn on import mode .So is there any possiblity to turn on the import mode thorugh command line in the SQL assistant .


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Can I switch between LDAP and Standard Authentication? Topic by M..S 23 Mar 2012 ldap, authentication

I have a Teradata user called FREDBLOGGS. 

He has an account on Teradata (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password TERADATA). 

He also has an entry in LDAP (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password LDAP).

If I set up my Teradata server to authenticate via LDAP, can this be overridden by the authentication mechanism chosen by Fred when he logs in?

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Connection Reset when clicking on Session Info Topic by terausr123 07 Apr 2012

I have installed Teradata Express 13 on Windows 7, 32 Bit. After the installation I start Teradata Service Control and click on "Start Teradata!". After a few seconds it is started.

As stated in the Getting started guide I know click on File/Session Info. After 2 seconds a popup appears which states the following error:

10054: WSA E ConnReset: Connection reset by peer

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MORE HERE Topic by JanayTyler 07 Apr 2012

hello there

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[Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 6760] [SQLState HY000] Invalid timestamp. Topic by hidekoji 28 Mar 2012 jdbc timestamp error 6760

I have a test case where I bind current time (milliseconds) and it fails with [Error 6760] [SQLState HY000] Invalid timestamp. 

My question is do I have to take care of some timestamp formatting before I bind it with setTimestamp method of PreparedStatment ? Or is this a knwon issue and I can expect a solution for it?

Here is the test case details:

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Teradata connection when proxy server is on Topic by MohsinAli 04 Apr 2012


I am using JDBC Driver 13.10 in my application, my connection is working fine, but as soon as I turn on the proxy server under internet explorer, application is not connecting and giving error server not found. While i have checked option "by pass proxy server for local addresses"

Any thoughts?

Mohsin Ali


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Java XSP Error 7832 Topic by marklane1 28 Mar 2012

I have been deploying Java XSP for a couple of months.  No problems and very useful for the right scenario.  All of a sudden, a working program starts throwing this error:

"Failure 7832 XSP Application FACTSII.JXSP_BUILD_SF133 caused protocol error : authentication fields don't match (igtw-009)"

Has anyone encountered this issue?

Here is our version info:

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