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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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teradata .net provider usage Topic by az_maverick 06 Jan 2012 .net provider, connection string, teradata connection

Hello folks,

                I am new to Teradata , and was hoping to connect to the Teradata DB using the .net provider.

However I am unable to connect. I am getting a invalid connection string error.


I was wondering if you have to follow certain steps to connect using the .net provider ?


What is the connection string used?

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Informatica/ Teradata INSERT Access WITH GRANT Issue while Loading Topic by aamirhussainciit 04 Jan 2012 teradata, informatica, insert with grant option

Hi all,


i am trying to load data in my database using informatica but getting the error that is placed below:


 Execute Direct -- [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] An owner referenced by user does not have INSERT WITH GRANT OPTION access to BATABASE_NAME.TABLE_NAME.ID.Unable to get catalog string.


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JMS Universal Connector feature request Topic by msschenck 26 Dec 2011 jms universal connector

Would it be possible for the next release for JMSUC to NOT hardcode the Metadata Tables DDLs and names ? I found it quite inconvenient to integrate in an existing EDW infrastructure, which follows strict naming conventions and database objects structure...

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Teradata Erro 8017 using SQL Assistant Topic by JustMe 16 Dec 2011 8017, connecting

Our users have been receiving the [8017] The UserID, Password or Account is invalid error more frequently lately.  Normally, I can reset the password and they are fine.

However, today I have a user experiencing the problem repeatedly after resetting the password.  He is attempting to connect vi SQL Assistant and using Teradata .NET Data Provider.

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Teradata ODBC on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 64bit System Topic by Daniele.Passarella 28 Jan 2010

Hi,I tried to connect Teradata 12 Database from Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.2 64 bit. I have installed drivers in this sequence:tdicu__linux_indep. have also installed but, when I try to connect to my DB i receive the error:Connect failed.Error type: Odbc error. Odbc operation attempted: SQLDriverConnect. [IM003:0: on HDBC] [DataDirect][ODBC lib] Specified driver could not be loadedMy odbc.ini is as follow:----------------------------[ODBC]InstallDir=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/Trace=0TraceDll=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/lib/odbctrac.soTraceFile=/MSTR/bin/odbctrace.outTraceAutoStop=0[ODBC Data Sources][svil]Driver=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/lib/tdata.soDescription=Teradata_12_ServerDBCName=10.XX.XX.XXX LastUser=Username=Password=Database=DefaultDatabase=[default]Driver=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/lib/tdata.soDescription=Teradata_12_ServerDBCName=10.XX.XX.XXX LastUser=Username=Password=Database=DefaultDatabase=----------------------------My question is: is Teradata ODBC Driver ver.13 (I tried also with 12 and 8) supperted on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 64 bit platform?Many thanks in advance.

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SQL Server linked server to Teradata specifying authentication mechanism (LDAP) Topic by tjwong 01 Nov 2011 sql server linked server ole db provider teradata authentication mechanism ldap

Have had success establishing and using SQL Server linked server (SQL Server 2008 R2) connected to Teradata using OLE DB Provider for Teradata (Version using native Teradata (TD2) authentication.
Our Teradata data source will transition to use LDAP authentication, so we must adapt our linked server for this new authentication method. (To prepare for that transition and to conduct tests, we’re provided access to a Teradata database that requires LDAP authentication.)

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Calling Teradata sp from .Net Topic by Kazzie 09 Nov 2011 .net, teradata stored procedures


I am new to using Teradata and am trying to use it with to build a user app.

Can anyone please tell me how to call a teradata sp from (Visual Studio 2005)

I have a simple sp with input and output parameters, something like:

REPLACE PROCEDURE dbname.spname (IN inputnumber Integer, OUT outputnumber Integer)


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Errors Installing Teradata SQL Assistant Topic by saspert 23 Nov 2011 sql assistant 13.10


I am having issues installing Teradata SQL assistant on my work laptop. We have Teradata 13.10 installation package and my system has Windows XP 2002.

None of my colleagues are able to help on this issue. So, I am posting it here.

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Connect Excel to Multiple sessions in Teradata, possible? Topic by Dr Zenith 22 Nov 2011

Hey Guys...

I am connecting excel to teradata through ADODB connection and getting the results in the recordset.

The thing is, I have a slew of SQL's to be run around (10-15) which need not be sequentially. Using the below method, I am able to run each SQL query one after the other,

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Teradata Connectivity Using Windows PowerShell Topic by mhackerott 16 Nov 2011 odbc, .net data provider, script, powershell

How can a connection to a Teradata database be implemented as a PowerShell script using ODBC, .Net Data Provider, or other protocol.

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Java UDF on Teradata 13 demo is very slow. (Vista OS) Topic by pganelin 07 Dec 2009

Test Case:Table INDATA with two column X,Y. Create table OUTDATA with two columns S and D which are sum and difference of X and Y respectively.Using SLQ the problem can be solved easily as CREATE TABLE OUTDATA AS ( SELECT X+ Y AS S, X - Y AS D FROM INDATA ) WITH DATATable INDATA is populated with 100K rows for this experiment.On dual-core Vista laptop (Dell XPS) the SQL statement above takes 0.285 seconds to execute.Java Variable TABLE UDF can be used to do the same calculations. Java class has a function "evaluate" with two inputs and outputs (the complete code is attached);class Example { public static void calculate( double x, double y, double[] sum, double[] diff) { …. }}The SQL query with Java UDF is CREATE TABLE OUTDATA AS ( SELECT * FROM TABLE (evaluate(INDATA.X, INDATA.Y)) AS t ) WITH DATAOn the same hardware the query above takes 42 seconds, i.e. 150 times slower than SQL query without UDF.I tried to investigate further the performance bottleneck. It is not possible to connect java profiler tool to Teradata database so I had to resolve to crude System.nanoTimer() for performance measurements.Here is the summary of the results:Evaluate is called 400K +4 times. (two AMPs) 100K times is called with phase=TBL_INIT 100K times is called with phase=TBL_BUILD and actual row is calculated 100K times is called with phase=TBL_BUILD and SQL exception "02000" is thrown 100K times is called with phase=TBL_FINITime spent within each function400K constructor new Tbl() 4 sec400K getPhase() 6 sec200K tbl.getCtxObject/ tbl.setCtxObject 10 sec100K actual calculations <0.1 sec400K total time within evaluate 22 secTime spend outside of Java within Teradata itself 22 secAs you could see there is a huge overhead for EACH call. For the actual application I would have more input/outputs and 10 mln rows. Even if I assume that overhead does not increase with the number of parameters I would estimate that overhead would take more than one 1 hour on Vista. I have not run the experiments on the actual production Teradata yet. Here are my questions:1. Should I expect the same overhead on production Teradata (i.e. Teradata hardware), may be divided over the number of AMPs?2. Am I doing something wrong and is there a better approach to accomplish the same? 3. Does Teradata have any plans to address the performance bottleneck? Any recommendation how I can minimize the overhead?4. I noticed in the documentation that for C/C++ UDF you can run the functions INPROCESS. I did not find any such option for Java. Does it exist?

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SQL assistant for SAS datasets/schema Topic by vidyasagar 14 Nov 2011 sas

I am trying to configure the Teradata sql assistant to view the SAS datasets. Whether it is possible to view SAS datasets in Teradata sql assistant. Please let me know.

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Mainframe parameters Topic by RichUK 12 Nov 2011 mainframe, &sysuser


New sign-up, so apologies if this is not in the correct forum!!!

We have just upgraded to 13 from 12 and I have noticed a small anomaly which I was wondering if anyone else has encountered.

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Asynchronous Aborts via CLI Topic by lb180002 07 Nov 2011

Does CLIv2 allow you to abort a request (using function DBFABT) using a session that is different than the one used to submit the request? Although the two sessions will be running in a separate thread or process, I'm assuming the session performing the abort has access to the relevant session id and request id.

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How to install TERADATA CLI Libraries in UNIX Server(AIX-6.1) Topic by jatin.bhatia 19 Oct 2011


We need to install teradata libraries on UNIX server (AIX-6.1).

The version of Teradata is TTU12.

Please let us know the steps for the same.




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Connecting to Suse linux VMware database while on VPN Topic by Sreenath 01 Nov 2011 teradata express edition vmware, vpn

Hi all,

I have a problem connecting to Suse VMware image for Teradata database. It works OK at work place. But at home, when I am on VPN, I can't access the database from the Windows 7 host. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to solve this?





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Windows 7 64-bit, SQL 2008R, needs to connect to Teradata using linked server Topic by apr301975 12 Jul 2011

I need help on how to connect from SQL Server 2008R2 which is on my Windows 7 64-bit PC.
I tried linked server but not sure which provider to pick. Nothing on the provider dropdown has references to Teradata.
From looking at Control Panel, I think I have all the drivers needed.

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JDBC fastload - OutOfMemory after 20 million addBatch() operations Topic by apinhasi 07 Oct 2011 jdbc fastload outofmemory executebatch



I am using Teradata jdbc driver, and trying to upload a flat file with 100 million rows to teradata.

I start off with a clean table.

First I tried to iterate through the entire file, do addBatch() for each of the rows, and only in the end do a single executeBatch():

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Tearadata Client setup for SAS server Topic by neelakant 20 Dec 2010


I need to install Teradata client on a unix server where SAS is installed . We need to access Teradata using SAS. We got SAS Access to teradata. But i want to know where i can get the Teradata client software so that i can install on the server. the OS on the server is SUN SOLARIS 10 X86.


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Cant connect - R, RJDBC, Teradata JDBC and Mac Topic by andydempsey 21 Sep 2011 jdbc, r

I am unable to connect using the following snippet of code:

drv = JDBC("com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver","./TeraJDBC/terajdbc4.jar")

conn = dbConnect(drv,"jdbc:teradata://db1/TMODE=ANSI,CHARSET=UTF8",user="user1",password="pswrd1",dbname="test_db")

I get the following error messages:


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Cannot deploy JDBC driver to WebLogic 10.3.4 Topic by msschenck 19 Jul 2011 jms jmsuc jdbc wls weblogic datasource

Am trying to deploy the JMS Universal Connector to WLS 10.3.4.

I have tried finding out the 'How-To' documents related to deploying JDBC driver mentioned in the JMSUC Install Guide, no success...

When creating the Data Source with JNDI name jdbc/com.teradata.terajmsa.MetaDS, the connection test succeeds, however when trying to deploy the DS to any server, I get the following:
[Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 8017] [SQLState 28000] The UserId, Password or Account is invalid.

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JDBC FastLoad Error 1154/1248 Topic by garyschulte 08 Sep 2011 jdbc fastload

As a part of our Teradata evaluation effort, I have created a java ETL process which attempts to batch load data from an Oracle instance into a Teradata 13.10 Express VM instance.

When I try to use the FASTLOAD option for the JDBC driver, I inevitably get an Error 1154 which is caused (presumably) by an Error 1248.  When I execute the ETL class, I end up with this stack trace:

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Error 7583 when calling external stored procedure Topic by SQL 01 Mar 2007

I'm currently trying out external stored procedures using the Teradata demo software on a WinXP SP2 system. The following XSP does not run in neither in protected mode nor in secure mode. It gives me a "the secure mode processes had a setup error" Message with error number 7583. The manual refers to the system log which does not state any usable information.The XSP does, however, run well in user mode (alter procedure ... execute not protected).Is there anything i have to set up under Windows which is not automatically done by the installer script? tdatuser and tdatudf group do acually exist, cufconfig setting are standard. Thanks for your help!XSP code:/*****C source file name: getregion.c - quite simple, just for testing*****/#define SQL_TEXT Latin_Text#include #include void xsp_getregion( VARCHAR_LATIN *region, char sqlstate[6]){ strcpy((char *)region, "ABCD");}Compiler call:REPLACE PROCEDURE sq_test.GetRegionXSP(INOUT region VARCHAR(64))LANGUAGE CNO SQLEXTERNAL NAME 'CS!getregion!C:\users\td\xsp\getregion.c!F!xsp_getregion'PARAMETER STYLE TD_GENERAL;XSP call:CALL sq_test.GetRegionXSP('');*** Failure 7583 The secure mode processes had a set up error.

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Name not in HOSTS file error - SAS Topic by homiha 01 Sep 2011 cli, teradata, cliv2, sas, no, pc sas, pcsas, em_nohost, em, nohost, host, em_nohost(224), ancellogon(370), logon canceled name not in hosts file

I've contacted many people within my company who use SAS, but I can't figure out how to resolve my issue and am running out of places to turn.

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