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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: could not execute query Topic by XenBeven 11 Oct 2012

I am getting a weird exception which I have no clue how to fix it. My scenario is:
When I execute following parameterized query using java hibernate(via jdbc driver) everything works great:
StringBuffer hqlStringBuffer = new StringBuffer("from student where name like :Name and class=:Class and section:Section");

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"Invalid date supplied for" error Topic by stani75 04 Oct 2012 odbc, date format, ms query

My database is a Teradata version
I retrieve data with a MS Excel v2003 file (using MS Query)
Before to do that, I installed "the tdodbc__windows_i386." products on my desktop : Teradata Client 13.10, Teradata ODBC driver. I created a System DSN etc.

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ExecuteUpdate -- -row count return type is int Topic by emilwu 14 Feb 2011 jdbc, executeupdate, 32-bit range, row count

I noticed that the statement.executeUpdate() method returns int data type , which conforms to JDBC standard. However, here is the question: it is Teradata!!! the affected row count can easily blow away the integer range. How to deal with such issue?

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Error - Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement. Topic by bedum 01 Oct 2012 ddl statement

I runtime combined 4 create table commands into a string. However, when i run this string as below in C#, 

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Perl DBI and show procedure Topic by dmtoropov.sbt 03 Oct 2012

Hi Guys. I am trying to execute 'show procedure ' using Perl DBI, but always getting wrong result. The same code with 'show view' works correctly. Does anybody help me?

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ODBC--call failed error Topic by Min 08 Oct 2007

Hi,I have created views in a teradata database and i am trying to link these in access using the link function. However a pop-up box with the following error message appears when trying to link the tables:"ODBC-call failed[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database]The user does not have any access to database DB1.

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10065 WSE E HostUnreach from XP to remote Teradata DB Topic by Harry Droogendyk 28 Sep 2012 odbc, 10065

There's lots of posts relating to the 10065 error, but I don't see any solutions that apply to this case.
Teradata is up and running and usable for 100s of others in my organization - not a problem on the TD side.

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tdodbc. core dump Solari 5.8 Topic by 04 Jan 2006

Hello-I upgraded tdodbc from to, and when running an odbc connection (samples/C/adhoc), I receive a core dump.When I rollback to, everything works fine.Could you please let me know if any additional packages are required for this install?When I truss the process, I see it looking in a directory /usr/teragss which does not exist:10161: stat("/usr/teragss/solaris-sparc.32/client/lib/", 0xFF9FE7E4) Err#2 ENOENT10161: Incurred fault #6, FLTBOUNDS %pc = 0xFE92654810161: siginfo: SIGSEGV SEGV_MAPERR addr=0x0000004810161: Received signal #11, SIGSEGV [default]10161: siginfo: SIGSEGV SEGV_MAPERR addr=0x0000004810161: *** process killed ***Thanks for any help or pointers.- Ed S.# pkginfo -l tdodbc PKGINST: tdodbc NAME: Teradata ODBC Driver CATEGORY: application ARCH: SPARC VERSION: BASEDIR: / VENDOR: NCR Corporation

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Terada ADODB performance issue. Topic by WOCSI 15 Jul 2005

I am a loadtester test on of my groups and notice that the create Object method is not scaling. I am lucky to get 10 users running and response times are taking over a minute to create. Any ideas what could be taking so long? I am trying to run a test of 30 concurrent users against a teradata odbc driver with the following method below. What is happening is we are getting Intermittent high response times trying to connect. Is there a better method to use?Dim strId, strPW, strDSN Dim objConnection set objConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") strId = "XXXXXX"strPW = "XXXXXX"strDSN = "TERA07"' -------------------objConnection.ConnectionTimeout = 180' -------------------objConnection.Open strDSN, strId, strPW

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MQ Websphere connection to Teradata Topic by EN186003 21 Sep 2012 mq websphere connection teradata


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Teradata EntityFramework provider bug? Topic by Abbas82 20 Sep 2012 entity framework, .net teradata client, c#

I am using Teradata EF provider and I seem to be unable to reference a string column in the table without having to specify it in the key as well.  If I have that column in the key then all is well, but if I don't then I get the following error.  Has anyone come across this?  Or know what the issue might be?

Stack Trace: 

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Auto-Abort of disconnected Sessions Topic by clintworld 27 Jul 2010 active sessions


I have a problem with the Teradata Database when a user is disconnected e.g. by network error.

Let's assume the user is in manual commit, ANSI transaction mode, uses the SQL Assistant, and connects via ODBC to the server.

Now, while the user is connected to the server, the network connection is lost (e.g. cable removed).

On the server side, I can still see the session of this user! This causes problems - imagine that there was a transaction which locked some tables. These locks will now stay until the session is aborted by the server (we set the IDLE timeout to 60 minutes).

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CLI Access to Geometry Data Topic by 16 Sep 2012 cli st_geometry

I am writing a C++ application to interact with Teradata ST_GEometry data types usign CLI.
My problem is that I am not sure how to access data returned from a DBHCL call where the dbc.resp_mode is set to 'M' - Multi Record mode

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Force user to change password at first logon Topic by Pariksheet 10 Sep 2012 password, profile

Hi ,

I want to add functionality to force users to change their password at first logon.


Can this be achieved through profile parameters?


Any other way..??



Thanks in advance.





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Calling a macro via JDBC Topic by opolm 05 Sep 2012 jdbc, macro



I'm trying to call a Teradata macro via JDBC. I'm using the following code

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Python odbc not returning Teradata errors Topic by Pat GoHabsGo 03 Apr 2012

I have a frustrating issue with ODBC in linux redhat.

I can run SQL and get accurate error messgaes from Teradata sample testing program using ODBC.

But when I use python or isql, odbc driver manager complain and returned a generic error message.

Below is a python example:

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Support for Named Parameters in .NET Provider Topic by penfold_001 05 Sep 2012


I am new to Teradata and I am having to port some dynamically built queries that currently run against Oracle over to Teradata.


The current queries use named bind variables in the SQL with the colon syntax, for example :startDate


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Terasso Error? Topic by nahuna 24 Mar 2009

I'm using SQL Assistant and recently had some "systematic updates" pushed to my machine that appear to have affected my teradata configuration. Not sure if one of my config/dll files was deleted/moved but it appears that might be the case. I could probably troubleshoot if i knew what a baseline set of config files should be...

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ODBC setup error for Oracle Client Topic by babu.sreeram 05 Sep 2012


I'm trying to setup ODBC connection for my Oracle client while installing BO. Following are the steps I followed.

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Problems in connecting to Teradata from Java on AIX Topic by 29 Aug 2012

Hi Guys , 


  This is my first post here , so Hello to Everyone :) 


   I am trying to connect to a Teradata database from a AIX box using Java . 

   I have downloaded the file and after unzipping it on a Windows box I ftped the 3                         

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Insert Data into Teradata table from excel. Topic by hungtingforspoils 30 Aug 2012



Please advise if this is the incorrect forum for my query however i was hoping someone may be of assistance.


I am looking to put together some vba code that will allow me to connect to teradata and insert the data held in my spreadsheet directly into a td table. 


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load SAS dataset into Teradata Volatile table Topic by v_gabrielli 09 May 2012

I have several SAS tables that require to be copied over to Teradata platform V13.

I usually use the Fastload option and works very well, however I need to create and

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Create UDF Topic by srikant9099 16 May 2008

Hi All,Can anybody tell me, How to create and execute the UDF with simple example.RegardsSrikant

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Laddered Concurrent Connect (LCC) Topic by vincent91 08 Aug 2012 lcc

Thank you Darrick S, vhari, steveg for your article on Laddered Concurrent Connect (LCC): Client Performance Improvements

I didn't quite catch your explanation :"Once the first successful connect is recognized, any remaining occupied sockets are released (closed). A down node will no longer force the client interface to pause until the wait time interval has expired before it attempts to connect to another node."

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TERADATA SQL ERROR 3945: Invalid data length for VarChar, VarByte, orVARGRAPHIC while using JDBC connection Topic by Achieng 29 Jun 2011 database connectivity

We are getting this exception when running a query in a web application which coonects to Java API through a web service. The jar being used is terajdbc4.jar and the version of JDBC being used is TeraJDBC I have run the query using bot ANSI mode and Teradata mode both using CLI,ODBC and Terardata.NET;no such error has been seen.

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